Sunday, July 20, 2014

Review ~ Hard Ride by Trixie Pierce


Nothing is sexier than a determined woman, qualities Katie Parker has in spades. Despite her father's lack of support, or maybe because of it, Katie manages just fine with Hard Ride, a mechanic shop where she is free to do the one thing that sets off her spark plugs: work on classic cars. What could be better than classic cars and a sexy mechanic?

Houston Moore ran as far as possible from his life as a Naval Intelligence Officer, right into a simpler life as a mechanic at Hard Ride. Having spent the last two years harboring a crush on his boss Katie, he can't believe his luck when she makes him an offer he can't refuse.

While 'friends with benefits' is a comfortable position for Katie, Houston believes more is possible and knows how to get what he wants. But when Katie realizes someone's embezzling from the shop, things get dangerous. With Katie's life on the line, can Houston save her, and convince her there's more to him than just great sex, or will the sparks sizzle as the danger passes?

Hard Ride

Trixie Pierce



Released June 29

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Heat seared her back, and she straightened, feeling Houston breathe out and ruffle her hair. She didn’t dare move. Goosebumps rose, and she looked at the open space where an engine was supposed to be.

“Tell me, Katie, when can I ask you out?” His voice was low, sending shivers down her spine. His voice was pure honey, and it poured over her skin.

She’d have to change her panties again if he kept it up.

Author Bio-

Although she hates writing bio's in third person, Trixie does love fast cars, fast men, and an enduring fascination with internal combustion engines. Living in the Rockies, she's traveled enough to know the mountains are home. When not working, she can be found with her head under the hood, or buried in the pages of her next novel.

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My Thoughts:

 I read Hard Ride pretty quickly. This one had a lot of sexiness, suspense, some romantic domination by a handsome alpha male, some romance, and lots of steamy scenes.

I thought it was a sexy, motor revving read. I laughed, got excited, and fell for Houston pretty quickly. He had all of my favorite quirks and he wanted to protect and look after Katie. ;-)

Katie was used to taking care of herself but eventually warmed up to Houston being there for her whether she wanted to or not.

I liked the relationship between the characters and the suspense was top notch. I liked having a leading lady that worked in a garage and was her own boss.

The car talk was top notch. This was uber enjoyable and I'd recommend it if you like sexy mechanics and lots of car talk mixed with suspense.

I received an ecopy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. a new romantic suspense linked to mechanics, oh that could be good if ever in print^^
    oerhaps a tad to hot from what i'm used too but if well written it shouldn't be a ^problem at all

    ( female mecanic made me think of mercy thompson^^, they must be more numerous than we think)

    1. LOL I thought of Mercy too!

    2. ^^^hard not to^^ but now i wonder if i can think or any one else there is the girl in the black knight inc series but i don't like her that much... apart those 2 no one come to mind

    3. Yea. She didn't make much of an impression on me in the one book I read. Maybe I'll like her more when I read the rest of the series.
      I always find it fun when books have women in the jobs that men are typically known for. I find it refreshing.

  2. This sounds really good. I'm a huge fan of ex military men...grrrrrrr. And I absolutely love a lady that doesn't worry about being a diva and goes for what makes her happy.

    1. We do love women that can stand up for what they want and believe^^

      Don't forget to enter the July CIG giveaway as ex military men are a few this month if i remember well so you could find the book you want ( or this one)

  3. Thanks for posting !! Since you liked it so much i hope that you will leave your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads as well! :) <3

    1. She is still on vacation but i'm sure she intents to do it as soon as she come back ( the blog has priority and goodread or amazon can't be scheduled in advance)

  4. oo count me in. :) I always like smexiness and romantic suspense is always great.

  5. this looks good, somthing i would not normally pick up that's why i love your blog, always finding different stuff. thanks