Friday, June 6, 2014

Spotlight on Frozen Barriers by Sara Shirley

"Live your Dreams, Follow your Heart"

Emily Cameron is America's newest figure skating star looking for her own personal identity. Her high profile life was never her dream, it was her parents.

Jeremy Page is a minor league hockey player who always imagined himself playing for the NHL.

A chance encounter has them crossing paths after several years apart. Which way will his heart lead him? Will Emily embrace his charm?

Just when things finally fall into place, an unexpected event occurs leaving Emily reevaluating everything in her life.

Can Emily escape from under her parent's intrusive ways and take a chance on love? Will Jeremy be able to break down the barriers that have held her back for so long?

**Mature Subject matter. 18+ due to strong language and sexual situations**
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Adult Excerpt:

“I’m more than shocked when Emily orders herself a Shipyard Pumpkinhead beer with a rim job. I glance at her completely engrossed in her boldness, when the most amazing words come of her mouth. “I don’t know about you Jeremy, but I just love licking off those rim jobs!” Time for me to readjust my cock again, thanks in part to my naughty little ice princess sitting next to me.”

Something inside of me keeps telling me to fight for this girl. “Quit, just say the hell with it! Do what makes you happy for once. From the first time I knocked you on your ass when you were eleven at the Forum I knew you didn’t belong in that life.”

“You don’t even know me Jeremy! Shit! I don’t even know me.” Emily exclaimed. “Emily, I want to get to know you. But you keep pushing me away.

If I’m going to go through hell and back again, at least it’s going to be her I’m doing it for. Call me crazy, but I’m going all in on this one, I just hope luck is on my side.”

“You’ll have no problem getting to hell, you’ve seen her mother. That’s not going to be easy to get through, but for some reason I think you’ll handle her better than anyone. She’s totally not going to be into you for a status fuck. But, if you are going to go to battle for a girl, at least its one as smoking hot as Emily. Best of luck man, you‘re gonna need it, but I’ll have your back if you need me.”

Standing up on my wobbly legs, I giggle. Why are my legs like rubber? I turn and my eyes run up the length of the guy standing in front of me. My eyes meet those intoxicating big brown eyes. “Oh Shit,” I whisper.  That’s when I feel as though I’m falling and the last thing I remember were two warm, strong arms wrapped around my body.

Staring at myself in the mirror, I see what I am. I’m just nothing but a commodity for my parents to use for their own self worth. I’m disgusted with myself for never putting up a fight, even once I was old enough to realize it. So, why is it when Jeremy asked me what I wanted to do with my life once my skating career was over, I froze up? A part of me saw that everything I’ve worked for in my life so far, is going to be gone soon and after that I’ve got nothing. What do I want to do?

I’m talking to Dave about some random hockey play when his eyes go wide, spitting his beer from his mouth. “I need a minute, it’s just not right.” What the hell? I watch Dave walk away before turning in the direction he was just looking, I see what caused him to turn away. There’s my girlfriend in her naughty Alice in Wonderland costume on her knees, blindfolded with her hands bound behind her back. Then she starts bobbing her head and a million different thoughts are now running through my mind. Just the main one is enough for me to run my hands through my hair and start pacing the yard because the wrong head is working at the moment.

Turning my back, while lifting my curled hair up I say over my shoulder, “Once you unzip this dress you can do whatever you want with me. Drink me. Eat me. Spank me. Fuck me. I don’t care just so long as you end up in me.”

“You’re my everything. You’re my yesterday, today and my tomorrow. No matter where we are five years from now, you’re a part of my heart Jeremy Page.

About the Author:

A romance novel addict finds herself staying up well past her bedtime to see how the next story is going to end. Sara spends her days living on a vineyard in wine country with her husband and cat. Her family hailed from Italy where her ancestors lived in the mountains of Rocca di Cambio. A former Broadway star and champion skier whose career was cut short because of her passion for being a wine sommelier. It was on her way west where she met her husband, the President of a very influential MC in California. You can find her riding off through the vineyards on the back of a Harley almost every night.

Her passion for books has been viewed as borderline obsessive. But, when all you have is time and a bottle of wine awaiting you as the sun sets off the veranda writing became second nature.

In Vino Veritas

This sounds great. I really wish that I would have been able to review it. :-( If only I hadn't had so many prior commitments! It is on my TBR list.

What do you think?

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  1. It sounds really good! and I'm with you on too many commitments! I can't seem to say no! Now I have waaaay to many to read and review.

    1. ^^ you will have to learn to say no but i can understand the appeal of so many books and we are always expecting to find the one we didn't know about but is our new favourite

    2. Yes. Most of the ones that I've said yes to are ones that I would normally like to read. Theres a few that the author went out of their way to contact me and I felt really bad saying no to them.

    3. as long as they propose something in the genre you read but you know sometimes saying no is helping bevcause reading a book we know we won't like it's a garanty for a negative review ( or nearly)... i hate saying no but i prefered to when i was proposed a really dark ( more than that) title

    4. It was just one or two that I wouldn't normally go for but they sounded interesting enough for me to try.

    5. good haul then it can leads to great discovery so as long as it interest you enough^^ it's a good news

  2. it sound interesting but the excerpt didn't catch my interest up to put it on my list with that only so i would have loved to get your opinion on it^^ ( some books doesn't spak for themself enough^^)

    But i understand you have too much on your review list already i just hope the majority are some you really want to read so you are not passing those you want. ( it's always great to take a month or two to read only want we want, no review just pleasure)

    1. I would absolutely love to take a month just for me! But I keep signing up for darn tours! LOL

    2. ^^ with my state of mind at the moment i'm glad i didn't^^ because when i promise something i want to keep my words and so far i haven't opened a book in june ç_ç wanted to but the water system gave hum and we kept changing water recipient to avoid water everywhere ( 10min reading isn't enough for me) thankfully it's repaired today)