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Review ~ PUT ME BACK TOGETHER by Lola Rooney with a giveaway



You’d Better Watch Yourself, Katie Kat

Katie Archer knows how to lie. After six years, no one really knows what happened That Night. Not even her twin sister. Choosing a college 3,000 miles away from the truth, Katie throws herself into art classes and a love affair with ice cream. Katie’s biggest rule? No boys. Ever.

But there is the little problem of Lucas Matthews. Former basketball star and total campus hottie, Lucas is the stuff girls have naughty dreams about—and he has the reputation to prove it! But that doesn’t stop liquid heat from running through Katie’s veins every time she sees him…

You’ll Never Get Away With It

Letting Lucas in is the hardest thing Katie’s ever had to do. And telling him the truth? Impossible. Then Katie starts to get threatening texts and she realizes Lucas is the least of her problems. Her past has caught up with her and it wants to settle the score.

I’m Coming For You

Now Katie must decide whether she wants to fight for her life, or leave everything—including Lucas—behind her forever...

Put Me Back Together

By: Lola Rooney

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Author Info

I'm Lola Rooney, romance writer and part-time hula hooper. For a long time I was a lonely girl who didn't believe in love. Now I like to write about lonely girls and the boys who make them believe in love. I enjoy cupcakes, dimples, hula hoops (obviously), writing in my tree house and flirting with sexy men (who have dimples).

When I'm not yachting the Mediterranean I call Montreal home.

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My Thoughts:   

Put Me Back Together is an aptly named book. Katie is a loner and she thinks that she prefers it that way. You see, years ago she survived a horrific ordeal. She still suffers from nightmares. Yet, as bad as the nightmares are, there are other things that she suffers from including survivors guilt, and a guilty conscience because she believes it was her fault that it happened in the first place. She also suffers from a low self esteem believing that she isn't worthy or is undeserving of affections.

She has successfully avoided having many friends and doesn't associate with guys. Until one night while trying to rescue a kitten, she meets Lucas. They are kindred spirits that both need help.

Lucas was Mr. all important jock. He took some time off last semester when he went through something. No one knows what changed but he doesn't play basketball any more. He doesn't go to the games and he spends a lot of time alone. He used to be a playboy with a new girl every night sometimes more than one in the same night. That has changed too.

You can imagine Katie's reluctance to accept friendship or any type of relationship with him. Especially after she finds out who he is and what his reputation is like from her popular sister.

The two of them have a class together and Lucas is quite persistent. :-) Eventually things seem to be going in the right direction and then weird and scary things start to happen.

I felt bad for Katie but I did not completely understand her need to lie. I liked Lucas a lot. :-) You'll see, when you read it I bet you will too! 

PMBT was an emotional adventure with some strange and horrific happenings. You will find many ups and downs, suspense, danger, deception, a psycho, issues, and romance all wrapped up in a fast paced, thrilling, page turner of a book.

If you have an aversion to gory happenings, you might want to skip it as there are a couple scenes with blood and nasty things. 

If the previous things don't bother you and you like creepy suspense and romance, give this one a try!

I received an ecopy in exchange for my honest opinion. I thought it was an awesome, adrenaline inducing spine tingler of a romance. I was thoroughly engrossed from the beginning till the end. 

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  1. oh this sound good not the right one at this moment but on the list for sure i love when the hero is good, loyal and persistent^^ and yopu made me curious so definitively on teh list^^

  2. Yep count me in. I like suspenseful ones. I don't mind the gorier ones either. I'm really curious now as to what happened.