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Review & Giveaway ~ Besotted by Georgia Le Carre

This post is inappropriate for people under the age of 18. Please come back another day if you are under that age. :-)

In Forty 2 Days we cheered as we learned of Lana's opportunity for a second chance to put things right with our wounded hero, Blake. We read with joy at the news of baby Sorab's birth, and with tension in our bodies as the spirited Lana fought and finally overcame the might of Blake's powerful family to win the heart of the man she adored.

But Lana still needs answers to many burning questions?

The secrets are many and tangled? Will she get the answers she seeks?

Blake finally lays it on the line to Victoria, and declares his true love for Lana, but will that be the end of the matter?

Then there is the re-appearance of Marcus.

Can Lana keep her resolve and overcome all obstacles to claim her man forever?

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Adult Excerpt:

‘What about BDSM?  Are you going to teach me something about that?’

He looks at me over the rim of his glass.  ‘Why?  Are you interested in being a submissive?’

‘I don’t know.  I could be.  What is it?’

‘It’s a game.’

‘I like games.  Start me off and I’ll tell you if I like it.’

He stops smiling, his eyes change, darken.  Very deliberately he pushes his glass of orange juice to the middle of the table, reaches for the carton of milk and holding it right in front of him, slowly tips it sideways until the milk in it pours onto the table.  I watch the puddle grow on the table.  At some point well before the carton is empty he stops pouring.  I lift my eyes from the spill and look at him.  His eyes are expressionless, watchful.  The silence stretches.  I break it.  ‘Well?’    

‘Clean it up,’ he says.


‘I don’t need to repeat myself, do I?  It is a punishable offense.’

For a moment I feel confused.  Was this the thing that has everybody hot up the collar?  Do I want to be his little slave?  The answer is obvious and immediate.  I don’t.  Definitely not.  But I’ll let it play a little more and see where this little game goes.  I turn towards the paper towels.

‘Not with the paper towel.’  His voice cracks like a whip.

I turn towards him slowly.   Our eyes clash, a look of impatience about his.  What does he want me to do?  Clean the table with my tongue?  The thought is unsexy, off-putting.  ‘With what, then?’

He leans back and folds his arms across his chest.  ‘With your sex.’

And suddenly I am wet.  The idea is shocking but incredibly, unbelievably erotic.  I hook my thumbs into the scrap of white lace around my hips, push it all the way down and step out of it.

‘Give them to me.’

I bend down to retrieve them and walk towards him.  I look into his eyes as I drop my bunched up knickers into his outstretched hand.  He puts them into his trouser pocket.  

I hop onto the table with my legs apart so he can see what I am doing, I bend forward and flattening my thighs, slowly drag my sex across the liquid.  Something flashes in his eyes.  The milk is cold on my warm skin.  When I have swept myself across the spill I stop and look to him.  

He nods slowly.  ‘You,’ he says, and there is a touch of admiration in his voice, ‘are an excellent pupil.  You never do more than what you are instructed to do.’

I say nothing.  Just hold myself in that position.

‘Now spread your legs,’ he orders.

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My Review

My Review

Georgia Le Carre lives in England, in an old 19th century romantic cottage surrounded by a magical garden filled with fruit and walnut trees.  When she is not feeding words into her laptop, she is either curled up in bed with a box of chocolates and a good read, or lost in a long walk in the woods. Especially on moonlit nights.  And often with the man of her dreams.


My Thoughts

I liked it but not nearly as much as the other two books. It was just a tad disappointing.

It was really short, did not answer all of my questions, and I still need more Lana & Blake. Supposedly, the next book will be about Julie. This disappoints me. Unless Lana & Blake's story finishes in the first few pages, I really couldn't care less about Julie.

Hopefully, the next book will be better than I'm expecting. I am a fan of this author and I have high hopes for the series wrap up. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the next book will be more like the last two.

That being said, Besotted was really hot and had some pretty sweet sentiments made by Blake. ;-) I did like it, I just needed more. More pages, more answers, more things tied up in a bow. I felt like Marcus and Victoria needed to be handled in a more sufficient way. Maybe a house could drop out of the sky and land on Victoria? I wouldn't mind that scenario. :D

I do recommend reading this book and series (in order) if you like hot books with BDSM elements and men that need some work.

I received an ecopy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. Besotted was a good read but not a superb read like the last two. I think part of the reason was the smaller page count. There was also not as much suspense and drama.  I am looking forward to reading and reviewing Seduce Me, the next book.

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Releasing in June (hopefully!)

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  1. i can understand the need to have the story well wrapped up with all teh questions answered... i need those too and the bad man or girl in this case heavily punished ( the house on the head could be an idea..; but there are worse scenario^^;; hehe * ssarcastic laught from justice*

  2. I'm sorry that this one was disappointing to you. :( I still need to read these! Hopefully the next one wraps it all up for you. I hate when authors end series and don't answer everything.