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Virtual Excerpt Tour: Obsessed With Me by Eve Rabi ~ review & giveaway


Tarago Jakobus was 6’4”, intelligent, extremely wealthy with a Midas touch. He was also openly racist, politically incorrect and a chauvinistic pig who told offensive jokes. He loved to party and was used to women vying for his attention. So when his eyes fell on Tanin, he expected her to just melt into his bed and be grateful that he even looked her way.

To his utter surprise, she was totally unimpressed with his wealth, thought he was an uneducated buffoon and publicly rejected him. Of course he was shocked and humiliated by her response.

But no woman had ever turned Tarago down before, and he found her fascinating. He became obsessed with her and decided to win her over his way – destroy all that is precious to her, so that she would have no choice but to need him. If that didn’t work, he’d switch to plan ‘B’ – take away her freedom and throw her ass in jail. And being the absolute bastard that he was, he did.

Obsessed With Me is a modern-day love story.

This is a two-part series and neither books are stand alone. Both books are currently available for purchasing!

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“What …what do you mean, Eric? What does ‘letting you go’ mean?”

“I’m sorry,” Eric says, not making eye contact with me. “We have to, Tanin. I’m sorry.”

“Eric, we are so busy all the time – why would you possibly let me go? I’m a good worker. One of your best. You tell me that time and time again.”

Eric looks pained and shifts about in his shoes. “I’m sorry, Tanin. I’m …I just …” he lets out a long breath, “just following orders, okay? I’m sorry. Really sorry.”

Desperation claws at me. “But Eric, I need this job. You know I have university fees to pay, my mom’s treatment …my brothers’ university fees, my sisters’ schooling. You know everything about me, why are you doing this to me? How could you?”

“I know, I know, I know and I’m sorry, Tanin. You are a very good worker and …”

My breathing has become erratic and my hands start to shake. “Has this something to do with me turning down Tarago Jakobus three nights ago?”

“What? No! No! No! No! Absolutely not!” His protest is a little too fast and too furious.

“'Cause he seemed okay with it. I mean, he said it wasn’t a problem.” I search my brain for signs that he may have not been happy with it. I find nothing.

Eric eyes the door, no doubt wanting to run away from me. He’s a kind, decent, father-figure who likes me, and I’m aware that he’s obviously under pressure to do something he’s not comfortable doing.

“Fine,” I finally say in a weary voice, then turn and walk away.

“Good luck, Tanin.”

With a bubble in my throat, I give him a whatever wave, then fight to prevent my tears from falling.

Purchase it from Amazon.

 Eve Rabi lives in Sydney Australia, but was born in South Africa.

She is the author of 20 books and is known for her kick-ass leading ladies, her alpha males and her ability to make you cry and make you laugh as you fall in love.

She loves music and cannot live without it.

She also enjoys dancing, (was a Latin dance instructor years ago) and keeps her kids in line by threatening to bust a Zumba move in front of their school assembly.

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Eve will be awarding a set of Obsessed with Me ebooks to five randomly drawn commenters during the tour! :-)

My Thoughts:

This is my first time reading a book from this author. I now have my eye on one of her other books about brothers to read later.

This book is about a white man, Tarago, who is obnoxious, prejudiced, obscenely rich, and spoiled. He decides that he wants Tanin, a woman of both indian and black heritage. She refuses him and like the spoiled man he is, he lashes out and makes her life hell until she has no other choice but to give him her attention. 

I'm right on the line with these books. I like them but there were a few things that I didn't quite agree with.

The premise was good but the delivery was a little choppy from my perspective. Some of the things that happened were beyond the realm of realistic. I could over look that though because it was unexpected and entertaining..

One of my biggest problems was the demeaning way Tarago talked to her at first and especially the way he let others treat her. I had a problem understanding why he wanted her if he was only going to harass and abuse her. Grrrr! Eventually the two were happy together though. :-)

I also disliked the strong language. In some instances I felt it was over kill. This is just my opinion. Even in real life I feel people swear way too often. It is unnecessary.

The books were interesting though and I was unable to stop reading until the end of book two. Even with all my dislikes, I was hooked on the story. There is no way you could get bored with either of these books!

I will say that in addition to my previously stated dislikes, I have one more. Tarago has a relationship with an other woman and I find it disturbing. I can't say more without giving a spoiler. :-(

These books had obsession, harassment, some romance, murder plots, family, twists and turns, some racial slurs, and lots more.

If you are looking for something new and different, you should give these books a try. Make sure to read the books in order!

I received ecopies of these books in exchange for my honest opinion. Both books were entertaining and had me hooked.

Don't forget to enter the Comment Incentive Giveaway. It is a great chance to win a book  you'd like to have! Maybe one of these? The link can be found at the top of the page.


  1. Definitively not for me, just with the blurb i was disgusted by him and i really don't see how she could forgive him after all that ... for me he is not loving her just wanting to possess and it doesn't agree with me so i will pass this time

    thank you for your honest, objective review though^^

    1. I figured you would pass. I think Amber might like this one though. We'll see.

      As for being honest, that's the only way I can be, as you know. :-)

    2. I hate racism of any kind so the blurb made me hate him but I'm intrigued how she ended up loving him?

  2. Thank you for your review I love how honest you are and how so often you tell me exactly what I want to know about a book.

    1. I try! I see no point in telling lies. That does no one any favors. Sometimes I miss things but such is life. I'm glad you like my reviews Thanks!


  4. Its a maybe for me. Generally my views are really close to yours so if you could find it redeemable then I would probably end up liking it. But I'm not sure.. so I'll keep it in mind for something new.