Sunday, January 12, 2014

In My Mailbox

This meme was created by The Story Siren.

For Christmas, my nephew's ex-girlfriend (whom my family adores) gifted me an Amazon giftcard for $100. :-) She has the same taste in romance and erotic books as I do. the only thing that differs is that she does not like paranormal romance. (Not everyone can be perfect. ;-) ) I enjoy lending her books so this gift card is a win win!

Anyway, I used her giftcard to buy lots of books that I've had my eyes on. Thank you Stephanie! :-) you can borrow them soon!

You can press the picture to go to Goodreads for more info about them. Here they are:

Beg* Tease* Submit ~ this compilation includes three previously released ebooks including Beg which I've already read. I had to have more and I was ecstatic to see that I could get it in print! 

Infinite Possibilities is the second book in The Secret Life of Amy Benson series. Eventually I'll have to buy the first book, Escaping Reality, in print as well. I've read the first book and found it intriguing. I also liked the Inside Out series by the same author.

Linked just caught my eye and the price was good so I bought it.

Alright so I jumped the gun on Remy which is book three in the Real series. I thought it came before Mine because the reviews on Amazon were misleading and I didn't think to check Goodreads first. Either way I would have ended up getting it but now I have to buy Mine first.

Beneath This Man is the second book in the This Man series. I recently read the first book aptly titled This Man. I liked it enough to continue on even though some reviews have me a little concerned about the happenings in the second book.

Chase I have mentioned before because the very kind author sent me an ecopy. Now, the paperback is finally out and I had to get it! :-)

Safe With Me is the fifth book in the With Me In Seattle series. As you all know I really like this series. The characters are wonderful. :-)

The paperback of Just One Night holds the stories of three previously released ebooks in a trilogy with the same name.

In Flight is the first book in the Up in The Air series. I've heard it is good. We shall see!

Rapture is book two in the McKenzie Brothers series. It is preceded by Seduce (book one) and The Wedding (book 1.5) I have the other two books in print and am eager to read more about these hunky brothers. ;-)

I've heard that The Salon Games series is suppossed to be very good. I figured that I would try it out.

I also finally got around to getting a print copy of  The shapeshifter's Secret by Heather Ostler too!

I have two more books that haven't arrived yet so I'll tell you about them when the arrive. Who knows maybe I'll have more to share by the time they get here! :D

Have you read any of these? Are they on your list?

What have you gotten lately?

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  1. oh my what a great and generous gift^^ you must have been delighted to see all these packages arriving on your doorstep^^, a great way to start the year for sure.
    i will be curious to see what you think of those.

    since my mother was incapacited i didn't get receive anything from her ( and my brother simply forgot ( or let's pretend it's just forgetting and not "not caring")

    so no books for me, i do have some on their way though normally but since january nothing at all. i did get for christmas a cute mug from my german penmate ( and candies i devoured)oh and the book you send early to^^ that's all for me but i'm really happy with what i got even if it's a few and i can hope next weeks will be filled with packageè ( oki not as many as you received but i 'm supposed to receive postcard and such so^^ i'm stalking teh postman^^)

    1. I was overwhelmed by her generosity. Especially since her and Josh are no longer together.

      I know how much not getting gifts from loved ones hurts. There are more people in my family that avoid giving gifts than do lately. Or they give gifts that you can't use. For example, My sister in law gave her brother (my husband) chocolate covered nuts. He can't eat nuts.

      I got some other gifts like the wonderful care package from you full of yummy treats and the wonderful birthday gift. Thank you again. I didn't mean to sound more thankful for the Amazon card by making a post. I just wanted to share my new books. :-)

    2. oh please don't worry i didn't think you prefered one gift or another really it didn't cross my mind i know it was just to share books and i appreciate the thought since it can give us inspiration ^^
      normally i do receive or or 2 books and i would have been happy to share with you but this time things were special so it wasn't possible and i just wanted to explain that's all^^ really no worry at all

      i'm really delighted you got to pick books you loves and since you share with her i guess it doesn't matter if josh is in the picture or not it's you she consider as a friend and wanted to make happy^^

      ^^ i will wait until you receive the next round and share it with us^^

    3. Yes, I am thankful that we've remained friends despite their break up. As you know, I enjoy being able to talk books with others and since her and I like many of the same books,it is fun to talk with her about them. :D

  2. Nice haul of books this week. I see lots of awesome book. I hope you love all your new books.

    Books of Love

  3. I have about 5000 print books but I haven't been able to read them for the last three years because it's too painful too read them in bed, now I have an Ipad which is broken at the moment but sine August I have about 1000 ebooks, I have been saving some vouchers I had for books that I wouldn't buy because I couldn't afford them but you have given me some really good choices. Thank you

  4. That's so great! I love having people that are close that you can share books with. :) As usual you have the same ones I want or have. :) I haven't really bought anything lately. (I know its a shocker!) ;) But I bought Remy a while back but I still have to read Mine still. I still have that box of books to send to you, I haven't forgotten. I finally went through a huge box of swag that I had and put a whole bunch of bookmarks in there. I'm hoping to send it out this week.

    1. it is great to have someone to talk books with. That's why I like blogging and talking with you guys. steph is great but i don't see her often enough. :-( You guys are usually around though! :D

  5. I recently got Tragedy of a Woman c: I haven't read it though because I have a bunch of other books I still need to read!