Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Spotlight on Mina Carter's EARTH WARDEN with a giveaway

***Currently being edited for re-release. Formerly known as Hawk’s Warden***

What do you do when you’re magically inept in a world where your worth rests on your magical ability?

This is the question that has haunted magic-less Warden Lyssa all her life. So when injured Warrior Hawk mistakes her for a full Warden and claims sanctuary she agrees, thinking she can hide the truth for just one night.
Unfortunately it’s not so easy with a Warden execution squad on her tail and then a steamy encounter with her handsome warrior challenges everything Lyssa thought she knew about herself…

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Mina Carter is a bestselling, multi-genre author. She lives in the UK with her husband, daughter and a bossy cat.

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This sounds awesome to me! 

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  1. i need to check if i have it on my wishlist since the title changed^^ but yes it sound quite interesting and made me curious

    now for those wanting to enter Mina's giveaway ( remember you also have the August CIG^^ by commenting)the newsletter entry link in the rafflecopter doesn't work it seems but the direct link is in the post where Brenda wrote newsletter so either you click there or you copy past this:

    good luck

  2. I will actually be reviewing this one at the end of the month. I've really liked what I've read from her.

    1. oh which ones have you read yet?

    2. um.. her sinfully naughty boxset and a whole bunch of others. I'll have to go look. :)