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Giveaway & Review of The Cowboys Of Chance Creek by Cora Seton


The Cowboys of Chance Creek Box Set, Books 1 – 3

Ethan Cruz, Jamie Lassiter and Rob Matheson have been friends since they were kids, and they’re about to get each other in a whole lot of trouble—women trouble, that is. When a practical joke kicks off a series of romances, the Cowboys of Chance Creek will never be the same.


The Cowboy’s E-Mail Order Bride (Book 1)

When Ethan Cruz finds himself with an e-mail order bride he never asked for, he’s ready to send her right back where she came from—just as soon as he gets to know her a little better. When Autumn Leeds answers a plea for a modern mail-order bride for a cowboy, it sounds like the story of the century, but when she reaches Montana, she’s surprised to find Ethan’s the perfect cowboy husband-to-be. Against her better judgment, her plan to keep her handsome groom at arm’s length while she writes a scathing article on the subject disintegrates into a night of passion spent in his arms.

Ethan knows he can’t keep playing this game – he has to come clean with Autumn and tell her the truth; about the practical joke and about the state of his ranch. Autumn’s in bigger trouble than ever. Not only has she fallen in love with the subject of her exposé – she might be carrying his child. Can she trust a man she’s just met when she knows too well that men always let you down?

Can a love based on lies last?

The Cowboy Wins a Bride (Book 2)

All Jamie Lassiter wants is to marry his best friend’s sister and settle down for the rest of his life in Chance Creek. He’s saved his money, bought into the Cruz Guest Ranch and he’s ready for that wedding, but Claire Cruz is nowhere to be found. Claire’s too busy leaving Montana behind to care about cowboys or their wedding plans. She’s got plans of her own – a trip around the world. She’ll go as soon as she buys her tickets and she doesn’t care if she ever sees Chance Creek again.

Desperate to change Claire’s mind, Jamie proposes a bet: give him six weeks to convince her to marry him. If he can’t, he’ll pay for her round-the-world tickets himself. Claire can wait six weeks if it means free tickets and a chance to get a little revenge on a man who once broke her heart. She’s got only one stipulation: Jamie can’t touch or flirt with her – or any other woman – while the bet is on.

Now Jamie’s on the run from a bevy of cowboy-groupie ranch guests, and Claire’s learning she cares about the ranch – and Jamie – more than she dreamed possible.

Maybe it’s time to lose that bet. As long as Jamie loses it first.

The Cowboy Imports a Bride (Book 3)

Rob Matheson doesn’t know how much longer he can keep up the tough-guy act. As his buddies get married one by one, he’s left with the sinking feeling he lost more than his dreams when he traded them for a thick skin. Now Rob’s father has issued a challenge – he’ll give 200 acres to the first of his four sons to wed. Could this be a chance to become the man he really wants to be?

Morgan Tate’s worked for years to climb the ladder to a top job at Cassidy Wineries, but Duncan Cassidy, the boss’ son, always stands in her way. Now he’s issued an ultimatum; marry him or he’ll make sure she never works in the wine industry again..

Rob offers Morgan a proposition – marry him and split the land. Now they’ve got sixty days to fall in love, and a passel of family and friends determined to keep them apart. Will it take the biggest practical joke of all to convince the world – and themselves – that they’re truly meant to be man and wife?

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From: The Cowboy’s E-Mail Order Bride

The man before her was ten times more handsome than he was in his video, and that was saying a lot. Dark hair, blue eyes, a chiseled jaw with just a trace of manly stubble. His shoulders were broad and his stance radiated a determination she found more than compelling. This was a man you could lean on, a man who could take care of the bad guys, wrangle the cattle, and still sweep you off your feet.

“Ethan, aren’t you going to say hello to your fiancée?” One of the other men stuck out his hand. “I’m Rob Matheson. This is Cab Johnson and Jamie Lassiter. Ethan here needed some backup.”

Rob was blonde, about Ethan’s size, but not nearly so serious. In fact, she bet he was a real cut-up. That shit-eating grin probably never left his face. Cab was larger than the others – six foot four maybe, powerfully built. He wore a sheriff’s uniform. Jamie was lean but muscular, with dark brown hair that fell into his eyes. They had the easy camaraderie that spoke of a long acquaintance. They probably knew each other as kids, and would take turns being best man at each other’s weddings.

Her wedding.

Now Available – The Cowgirl Ropes a Billionaire (Book 4)

Bella Chatham will lose everything – her veterinary practice, her animal shelter, and even her home – if she can’t find another source of income, fast. So when her best friend signs her up for the hot new reality television show, Can You Beat a Billionaire, Bella accepts the challenge and hopes against hope she can win the ten million dollar prize. If she doesn’t, it’s bye-bye pet clinic and shelter, bye-bye Chance Creek, Montana, and hello to marriage to the billionaire for a year!

Evan Mortimer, billionaire, can’t believe he’s reduced to competing in a television contest to win a wife. Unfortunately, it’s the only foolproof way to secure his position as head of Mortimer Innovations. At least he’ll be able to dump his “spouse” at the end of the year; he’s much too busy to be tied down to a country bumpkin cowgirl.

As the contests heat up, so do the sparks between the contestants. Will either of them remember in time that it’s not who wins or who loses – it’s how they play the game that really counts?

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Cora Seton loves cowboys, country life, gardening, bike-riding, and lazing around with a good book. Mother of four, wife to a computer programmer/eco-farmer, she ditched her California lifestyle eight years ago and moved to a remote logging town in northwestern British Columbia.

Like the characters in her novels, Cora enjoys old-fashioned pursuits and modern technology, spending mornings transforming a neglected one-acre lot into a paradise of orchards, berry bushes and market gardens, and afternoons writing the latest Chance Creek romance novel on her iPad mini. Visit http://www.coraseton.com to read about new releases, contests and other cool events!

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My Thoughts:

Looking at the covers could be satisfying in and of itself but reading these books is also a tasty treat!

I like a good cowboy romance when I need a break from all of the contemporary and paranormal romance books that I read. These books did a great job of giving me a welcome break from the usual.

I liked all three books but my favorite was book one, The Cowboy's E-Mail Order Bride.

I felt that this book was more humorous than the other two. The book can also lay claim to a scheming friend, a drunken rant being used against someone, romance, a ranch, a cowboy with a heart of gold that has been trampled by life and love. a scheming reporter who wants to get out from under her disapproving mother and sister's sights and prove herself to be worthy.

There was a lot going on in this book. Rob and the gang has been keeping a secret from Ethan which is the beginning of the book. Autumn has a secret and Ethan has a secret too. All of these secrets, as well as others make for lots of twists and turns in the story. :D

I wanted to smack Ethan a couple of times even though I liked him a lot. He just had a few "man moments" where he needed to think things through and didn't. I really liked Autumn and I could understand why she acted and thought the way she did, after all that her family had gone through. Most of the characters were great and I was glad to get to know them.

The second book, The Cowboy Wins A Bride, was good but it was my least favorite. I didn't care for Claire's personality very much in the first book and I think it just sort of carried over into this one. Claire is Ethan's sister and the heroine of this book.

Rob the prankster is back and causing trouble again. After playing a trick on Claire without anyone else knowing about it, he tricks Jamie into making a bet and proposing to her. She of course thinks that Jamie is joking even though he is as serious as a heart attack.
Jamie has loved Claire since they were kids but the timing was always wrong.He decides that he won't let anything stop him this time, not even Claire!

This book had a lot of drama, in addition to romance, some mystery, danger, thugs, sneaky women, a long lost relative, and of course cowboys on the ranch. ;-)

I loved Jamie but didn't always care for Claire.

Last but not least, is Rob's story. The trickster has a serious, nurturing side that has been buried for years as a result of being bullied by his brother and a negative response from his father when he was younger.

His dad tells his sons that the first one to marry will inherit 200 acres of land on their ranch. Rob doesn't think much of it at first but then decides to ask Morgan to marry him.

His proposal is well thought out and they talk and agree to get married.

If only it was that easy. They have road block after road block to get through and hardly anyone seems happy for them.  

I enjoyed seeing this side of Rob. Morgan was smart and caring but I had  moment or two where I just thought she was too hard on him.

I enjoyed this bundle. I thought all three books were good. I thought the first one was the best of the bunch because Ethan and Autumn are the sweetest characters. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to read western romances. They are worth checking out. I mean take a gander at the covers, wouldn't you like more? ;-)

I received an ecopy of this bundle in exchange for my honest opinion. I thought they were pretty dang good! I am looking forward to Cab's book as well as whatever other characters from Chance Creek get a HEA!.

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  4. Thanks for hosting my blog tour today! Book 4 in the series, The Cowgirl Ropes a Billionaire is out now. (featuring Bella Chatham - who makes an appearance in Book #3).

    Cab Johnson, the sheriff, gets his HEA in Book 5 - The Sheriff Catches a Bride - which will be out in mid-January!

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