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GGMMMU Wrap Up (Take One)

GGMMMU Answers and some of the prize winners!

Day 1 ~ Aliens

#1 ~ What is your favorite PR or UF book or series? ~
 There was no wrong answer. :-) 

#2 ~ What is my favorite supe ~ werewolf

 #3 ~ This alien's name is six letters long starting with D. ~ Daemon

#4 ~ What book or series does Daemon come from? ~  
The Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout

#5 ~ Which book does Kyrin come from? ~ 
 A ~ Awaken Me Darkly 

Day 2 ~ Werewolves

#1 ~ Unscramble ~ eegnaribelke ~
 Gabriel Keene from the Chicagoland Vampire series

#2 ~ Mix and Match ~ 1. Derek Sousa, 2. Trey Coleman, 3. Alcide Herveaux, 4. Fane Lupei, 5. Isaac Mayfair, 6. Devin Caedmon **A. Club Dead,** B. The Darkwoods Trilogy, **C. Wolf's Haven,** D, The Awakening, **E.The Phoenix Pack series,** F. The Grey Wolves series. Answers ~ 1D, 2E, 3A, 4F, 5B, 6C

#3 ~ What is the name of the alpha in this series? ~  
Answer ~ Jeremy Danvers

#4 ~ Shiarra's werewolf hunny is named ______? ~ Chaz

Day 3 ~ Vampires

#1 ~ Brother from another Mother ~ Who is your favorite brother? ~ The answer is any of the warriors from the Black dagger Brotherhood ~ My favorite is Zsadist though I have a weakness for Wrath too.

#2 ~ Who is it and what book or series are they from? Unscramble ~ aetvhannsulli ~ Ethan Sullivan

#3 ~ Who belongs with Rose and what series or book are they from? ~ E. Dimitri from The Vampire Academy

#4 ~What is the vamp's name and where does he come from? ~ Canaan from Guardian's Grace by Jacqueline Rhoades

#5 ~ Mix and Match ~ 1. Morganville Vampire Series, 2. Midnight Liaisons 3. Mastyr Ethan, 4.Dmitri Vidâme, 5.Tessa A.Must Love Fangs, B. Regina, C. Claire Danvers, D. Samantha, E. Jared, F. Jase Kayrs Ans: 1C, 2A, 3D 4B, 5E 6 Shadowed & F

Day 4 ~ Goblins, Trolls, Elves, Gnomes, & Gargoyles 

#1 ~ What is the name of my favorite elf.? ~ 
Dobby from Harry Potter

#2 ~ Mix and Match ~ 1. Ty Strickland, 2. Finn Holmes, 3. Finn Cumhaill, 4. Persephonice, 5. Mac. A. Gnomes, B. Elves, C. Gargoyles, D. Trolls, E. Goblins Answers ~ 1A, 2D, 3E, 4B, 5C

#3 ~ Which book series and which names belong? Roan, Greyson, Damon, Jax, Meryn, Tye, Dai, Trace ~ Answer ~ Roan Meryn & Dai ~ The Goblin King or the Shadowlands series 

#4 ~ Unscramble ~ rcaltilagnhaants   ~  
Tristan Callaghan from the Pendragon Gargoyles series

Day 5 ~ Supes with Unique Abilities

#1 ~ Who is this and what book are they from? bedirawenb ~
 Dani Webber from Chameleon by Kelly Oram  

#2 ~ Rouge Ridding has more in common than she would like with the _________s? ~ grollic  

#3 ~ Match the number with the book 1.greble 2.Dylan 3.Joss 4.Sky 5.Gunthreon 6.Lucas 7.Kat 8.Derek 9.Kailey 10. Zed 11 Kylie 12. Ryan Hush Money, Renhala, Finding Sky, Shadow Falls, Being Jamie Baker ~ Answers ~ Renhala 1,5,9, Hush Money 2,3,7, Finding Sky 4,10, Shadow Falls 6,8,11, Being Jamie Baker 12

#4 ~ Mix or Match ~ 1.Lila, 2.Melena, 3.Russ, 4.Dani A.Lucas, B.Michael C.Alex D.Grace Answer ~1C, 2A, 34, BD

Day 6 ~ Gods and Goddesses

#1 ~ Unscramble ~ anmillhethone ~ 
 Helen Hamilton from Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini 

#2 ~ Mix and Match ~ Answers ~ 1.Helen 2.Seth 3.Faith 4.Ryan 5.Eve, A.Colvin B.Lucas C.Ash D.Henry E.Kate Answers ~ 1B, 23, 4A, 5C, DE

#3 ~ Skye has to choose between _____ & _____.  
Answer ~ Asher & Devin  

#4 ~ Mix and Match ~ Grace and Gretchen are descendants of: A.Athena B.Artemis C.Hera D.Medusa E.Aphrodite  Answer ~ D

Day 7 ~ Angels & Demons

#1 ~ Unscramble ~ eudsndronar ~ 
Dru Anderson from Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow  

#2 ~ Mix and Match ~ 1. Ruth 2.Lucifer 3.Aydan 4.Kieron 5.Az, A. Mercy B, Eden C.Nesy D. Ellie E.Liora  Answer ~ 1D, 2A, 3C, 4E, 5B

#3 ~ Which characters go with which book? 1.Ree 2.Kayla 3. Mark 4.Krista 5. Savannah, Ga 6,Desolation 7.Academy 8.Lucifer 9.Abby 10. Emily A.Meant to Be B.Become C. Mortal Obligation D, Ordained E.Wide Awake Answer ~ A ~ 3&4, B ~6&8, C ~1&5, D ~ 9&10, E ~ 2&7 

#4 ~ She faces great danger from the _______? 
Answer ~ Aternocti She is Meridian by Amber Kizer

#5 ~ Devil or Angel ~ Please tell me which each character is or each book is about: 1.Shadows 2.Helen Cartwright 3.Until Next Time 4.Megan Barnett 5.Jewel Rose 6.Kara Nightingale 7.Clara Gardner 8.Saint 9.Mercy 10.Lacrimosa Answer: #5 was neither or witch, Angels: 2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10  Devils ~1,8

Day 8 ~ Wizards and Warlocks

#1 ~ Tell me the name of your favorite character from my favorite wizard book. ~ My favorite wizard book is Harry Potter and I have too many favorites to mention. :-) My least favorites are Malfoy and Valdemort  

#2 ~ Name a wizard, warlock, or magical book that I didn't mention besides Harry Potter? ~ Answers vary  

#3 ~ Tell me the name of this character: ~ lleelbtvitooogmnn ~ Neville Longbottom  

#4 ~ Who is this? drdbbumlleaoues ~  Albus Dumbledore

#5 ~ At the end of book one Addison Harmon and Theo Van Rooyen are _______. ~ Tethered  

#6 ~ In this series about a mixture of supes which include hobbits, what is the name of the Good wizard? ~ Gandalf  

#7 ~ Mix and Match ~ Answers ~ 1. Devon 2. Sauron 3.Kace 4.Allgood 5.Chicago P.D A. Soul Harbor B.Whisty C.Harry D. Frodo E.Guilder Boarding School  Answers ~ 1E, 2D, 3A 4B 5C

#8 ~ Pick a letter ~ Who does Harper belong with? ~ D. Silas  

Day 9 ~ Aquatic Beings

#1 ~ The heroine's name is a color. What is the title of this book? ~ Ingo by Helen Dunmore 

#2 ~ Mix and Match ~ 1 Lorelei 2.Fin 3.Treygan 4.Alander 5. Tempest A.Tatiana B. Yara C.Esmerine D. Charlotte E. Kai  Answer~ 1D, 2A, 3B, 4C, 5E

#3 ~ Unscramble ~ rnnncllaaaihfkesssy ~ Ashlyn Frances Lanski 

#4 ~ Unscramble ~ jsinknomoalhcat ~   Jackson Hamilton

Day 10 ~ Ghosts, Ghouls, Zombies, and Reapers

#1 ~  Unscramble ~ royolllucmciabt   ~ Molly Bartolucci

#2 ~ Mix and Match ~ 1.Nekyia Academy 2,Kaylee 3.Lenzi 4.Jarvis 5.Aura A.Rath B.Death, Inc C.Nash D.Alden E. Zachary Answer ~ 1A, 2C, 3D, 4B, 5E

#3 ~ Who is it and what is the missing word? ~ This sixteen year old is never alone. He has _____ souls inside of him. ~ Answer ~ Aden Stone ~ four ;-) (human was also acceptable)

#4 ~ What book or series does Gilley come from? ~   
The Ghost Hunter series by Victoria Laurie

#5 ~ Match  ~ Answers ~ 1.Angel Crawford, 2.Eat Slay Love 3. Unholy Ghosts 4.Allison Hewitt Is Trapped  A.Sarah  B.Brooks and Peabody C.Chess Putnam D.My Life as a White Trash Zombie  Answer ~ 1D, 2A, 3C, 4B

Day 11 ~ Part one ~ Faeries

#1 ~ Zoey is the only ____ left in the country. ~ Aegis  

#2 ~ Which belong together? Answers ~ 1.Aislinn 2.Findabhair 3.Gwen 4.Seth 5.Kelley 6.Edric 7.James 8. Dana 9.Aodhan 10. Logan, A.Keenan B.A Midsummer Night’s Dream C.Tania D.Deirdre E.Luke F. Ethan G.Kian H.Breena  Answer ~ 1~A&4, 2~3, 5~B, 6~C, 7~9DE, 8~F, 10~G,H

#3 ~ Unscramble ~ glinnnorraasowm ~ Morgan Rawlinson  

#4 ~ She has two faerie mates. What are their names? ~  
Tristan and Pierce  

Day 11 ~ Part two ~ Witches

#5 ~ Unscramble ~ oragigeeermrnhn ~ Hermione Granger  

#6 ~ She is from a family of talented witches including her sister. She was supposed to be one of the most talented. Her name is: A. Morgan B.Cassie C.Jules D.Tamsin Answer ~ D. Tamsin  

#7 ~ ____ must change his beliefs and act. ~ Ryder  

#8 ~ What is the witch's name? ~   Tori

#9 ~ Mix and Match ~ 1.Jules 2.The Dark Witch 3.Xan 4.Braden 5.Navin 6.Anna 7.Campbell 8.Anwyn 9.Mike 10. Jenna A.Belle Dam B.Donna C.Brusenna D.Seth E.Connor F.Natalia G.Galen H.Jacob I.Raine Answer~ 1E; 2C; 3B5; 4A; 6D; 7FI, 8G9, 10H

Day 12 ~ Dragons

#1 ~ Unscramble ~ eiekhrrrooolbt ~ Terrie Holbrook 

#2 ~ Mix and Match~ Kaden 2.Artegal 3.Mal 4.Sara 5.Bastian 6.Jacinda A.Quinn B.Will C.Myst D.Kay E.Australia F.Lily  Answer ~ 1E, 2D, 3F, 4A, 6C, 6B

#3 ~ Unscramble ~ nnoooreësssz ~  Zoë Sorensson

#4 ~ In_______, Pia steals a coin from ___.
Dragon Bound and Dragos  

Day 13 ~ Shapeshifters

#1 ~ In this series (one of my faves) she is a special shifter. She was raised with wolves but never quite one of them. ~ Mercy Thompson  

#2 ~ Levi is a ______. ~ Pteron  

#3 ~ Unscramble ~ avuuieeesjllq ~ Julia Levesque   

The winners that have been selected (so far) 

Main GGMMMU giveaway ~  Amber H. & Miki

The Vampire Giveaway #2: ~ Rachelle H.

The Supes with Unique Abilities: ~ Cali W.

Gods & Goddesses: ~ January M.

I'll post the remainder of the winners after all of the other giveaways have ended. :-)

I hope you all had fun!!!

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  1. First: THANK YOU!!! yes i had a lot of fun sometimes i got frustrated with some questions but i was fun to search the answers and to have so many different topic really you did great

    Congrats to the other winners! ( Yeah Amber! We did It!!!)

    it's also great to see the answer in case we were stuck or wrong ^^ and like we said with amber in the cig post we will try to match books with supe category so you could have a databank ready if you want to do this again another time^^

  2. Congrats everyone! Some of those were really hard! LOL But we managed.

    1. some were easy too so all together it was perfectly balanced

    2. yes. It was a lot of fun either way. :)

  3. thanks,you will perhaps be in the next bash of winners^^

  4. congrats to the winners and bravo to those who knew the answers. i was stumped o:

  5. Congrats to everyone! There were some really tough ones in there, well done, those got them!

  6. Since I didn't really follow all that well in October, the answers aren't really germane to me. But I do want to congratulate the winners.