Sunday, November 10, 2013

GGMMMU Winners!!!!

Winners list for All of the GGMMMU giveaways!

Main Giveaway ~ Amber H. & Miki

Day 2 ~ Werewolves ~ Booklady, Natasha D., & Makaela

Day 3~ Vampires:

Giveaway 1 ~ Amber & Giveaway 2 ~ Rachelle H.

Day 4 ~ Gnomes ~ Gargoyles ~ Rachel

Day 5 ~ Supes with Unique abilities ~ Cali

Day 6 ~ Gods & Goddesses ~ January

Day 7 ~ Angels & Devils ~ Karina & Stephanie V.

Day 8 ~ Wizards & Warlocks ~ Kat

Day 9 ~ Aquatic Beings ~ Bailee & Michelle

Day 10 ~ Zombies, Ghosts, & Reapers ~ Amber

Day 11: Faeries ~ Cali & Witches ~ Krista

Day 12 ~ Dragons ~ Miki

Day 13 ~ Shapeshifters ~Kerry

Congratulations to all of the winners!!!!

Was there a favorite post or feature from the GGMMMU?

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  1. hum let see i guess the post i loved the most ( because it was one i learned the most from^^) was the one about gnomes, gobelins and gargoyles.... i haven't read any book with those ( yes with some gargoyles as pet of familiar not sexy ones ;) so it was intriguing and i did add a lot from those on my wishlist so if i have to pick one that stand out from the post in my case that's that one^^ but i really loved all just that one surprised me the most^^

    thank you once again for this event and congrats to all winners!

  2. I loved the vampire and shifter posts, just because those are my favorite types of paranormal beings.

    I received my book. Thanks again!

  3. Congrats everyone! and they were all fun. I found new books in all of them! But we did have a pretty funny discussion going over gnomes and such. :)

  4. Congrats everyone!
    My favourites were the wizards and warlocks (because I love them) and day 4, because I learned about gargoyle books.

  5. Congratulations everyone. Wish I'd been a part of this. The post would have been enlightening and entertaining.

  6. i think my all time favorite was the wizards pots