Sunday, January 6, 2013

More Winners!

Day Six's Giveaway had two prizes. Both winners have been confirmed!

Mervi chose Faefever by Karen Marie Moning from TBD.

Proserpine was the US/Canada winner and she will receive two signed books by Jamie McGuire. 

Now for a little bit of a confession! It took me quite awhile to get a winner for the previous prize. 

Next time I giveaway a prize for US/ Canada it will have a separate Rafflecopter! 

It took me forever! Either an International follower would come up (apparently I have a lot of them!) some names came up that left a comment saying they didn't want the books, as I had already picked the TBD prize, that eliminated them as well, and other people didn't leave a comment letting me know if they were from US or not. At first I checked on Facebook to see if they were and then I got frustrated with that method as well. Do you know how many people don't have what country they are from listed on their Facebook profile?

So then I felt guilty about all of those possible winners that missed their chance because they didn't leave a comment. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for Proserpine, but I almost feel like I cheated the others. I just don't have time to contact every person to ask if they are eligible for a prize and wait for them to get back to me!

Day Seven - book from TBD by one of my favorite newly discovered authors 

My winner hasn't responded yet. :(

I decided to pull a couple extra winners to make up for the previous day's mess up.

I offered the following extra "winners" their choice of ebook from some of those same authors.

Christine chose The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club by J.C. Isabella.

Debbie W. chose Wicked Woods by Kailin Gow.

Brianna also chose Wicked Woods

Heather chose Mourning Sun by Shari Richardson.

Tammy chose Chasing McCree by J.C. Isabella.

I contacted a handful more and they haven't responded. If I don't hear back from them within 36 hours then I'll assume they weren't interested in an ebook. I am Not picking more winners for this impromtu addition to the giveaway.

I will pick another winner if the main winner doesn't respond.

The Day Eight giveaway ~ a book from The Book Depository (winner's choice)

Ana was the confirmed winner and she chose Miss Fortune Cookie.

Have you ever had something that should be simple give you such a headache?

I'd love to know what you're thinking. Please leave a comment!


  1. Well, I'm pretty happy for myself since I read and LOVED Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, Super happy to have the chance to read something else she had wrote! So thanks for this chance!

    1. You are most welcome! I was really happy to see your name come up. I knew from reading the comments that you were eligible and wanting them. :D

      I get extra excited when the winner is actually someone that takes the time to leave comments once in a while or all the time. lol!

    2. I got a package from the mail yesterday (Monday) and as soon as I came home from work, my husband was like : can I open your package, I think it's the series you won this weekend! And I said: Yes bayboo (husband nickname, yeah I know it's weird) you can open it but I don't think it's the one you are talking about! Give Brenda some time to send it first! Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you because he love to open my package even if he's not the one who read them!

  2. +JMJ+

    Wow. What a headache indeed! I wondered about something like this happening the first time I saw a Rafflecopter used for different prizes at once. (The last one I saw was for over ten prizes, each to go to a different winner! I thought, "What will you do if you pick the ten at once but all of them only want one prize and the nine end up declining?" LOL!) Anyway, I think you've made the right decision about having multiple Rafflecopters, depending on restrictions.

    And I understand perfectly why you skipped over winners who didn't leave comments to say whether they were eligible for a prize. The onus really was on them to leave that information.

    From my perspective, as an entrant, there have been times when I wasn't sure whether something was international or not, and I left a comment or emailed the blogger to ask. But that takes a while, too! So now, I just enter and leave a comment to say, "I'm international! If that disqualifies me, please feel free to delete my entries with no hard feelings! =)" I hope that's not too rude, though! What do you think of this method, Brenda?

    1. At least you have a method! :D I think it sounds good and I wouldn't be offended if you wrote that to me.

      Have a nice day!

  3. It was very kind of you to tale all this time yes, i don't think i would have the courage;

    Like Enbrethiliel, when i'm unsure ( because it wasn't specified in the rules if it was international or not) i precise in my comment that i'm international and if it's not open for me my entries can be deleted or when tehre are several prizes and one that i really don't want ( either i can't use it or have already ( too rare^^;;)) i also put in my comment " please enter me only for ..." or please don't enter me for..."
    i thought it could help the blogger but that dependsz on if he/she reads the comments or not.

    your idea of seperate rafflecopter is a good one or you can add in the question if we re internation or not ( or put the country in our comment etc) i will follow what you prefer no worries^^

    (G+ done)

    1. On day six's giveaway it did say that 1 prize would be for US/Canada due to shipping costs and 1 prize was for INT or anyone who didn't want the other prize.

      Anytime the giveaway is for a book from TBD, everyone who they ship too (which is almost everyone) can enter. The only time I don't include International followers is when I'm paying for the shipping. :(

      Even when I do ebook giveaways, I figure people shouldn't enter if they can't use Amazon. If they use Amazon then they can enter. The more the merrier.

      I figure it should save me a lot of headache if I have separate Rafflecopters. Those that are interested in either prize can enter both and those who only want one or the other can enter only that Rafflecopter. No hunting people down on Facebook! No need to pick and then dismiss people because they don't qualify.

      Thanks for understanding. :D

    2. you did well really, don't worry ^^

  4. Thanks so much for giving me an ebook. I felt so special! You work really hard on your blog, and I wish you much success!

  5. You were just awesome, you know? *sending virtual hugs*

    I am so happy I won Miss fortune cookie! I was dying to read this book from day 1 I read about it xD

    And you were so thoughtfully towards you readers, you should not feel bad =]

    Sometimes I have headaches on my own giveaways on my blog... but it is different. It is so sad to see that people cheat! =/ Why??? I think that, because I am honest, people should too =/ And most are not. They change one letter in their names, add numbers (so creative, isn't it? - of course not. It makes me so angry that I have to pick other winners until I find a non-cheater. So sad. this is what gives me headaches in my giveaways. But I will not stop with them, because after some headache, the real deserving winners get so happy indeed! <333

    Again, thank you for the giveaway <333



    1. I've only encountered one person trying to cheat and did away with them. Luckily I haven't encountered much of that but I am an honest person too so I don't understand why people try to cheat on anything.

      I love doing giveaways and sharing book love with people so I won't stop doing them I will just try to be more organized the next time I offer two prizes with different stipulations.

      I am really glad you won a book that you've been waiting for. It makes all of the headaches worth while to match up good books with people excited to receive them! :D

    2. Yeah, when we see happy readers with their new books... all the headaches are worthwhile in the end =D

      I do not understand cheaters... why can't they be honest? It is the one thing that makes me sad indeed...

      Your idea of two rafflecopter forms is cool. Once I forgot to specify that the 1st winner should choose the books first, thank God the readers really wanted those books... I felt so bad! I would feel worse if the second winner did not want the books left, again, thank God she loved them xD

  6. Wow, that sounds like a lot of confusing, hard work! Thanks for all of the giveaways and sharing your love with your readers.

  7. It's sad when you can't even give books away!

    1. Yes but I understand. Sometimes it is not a genre that they like to read or they have already read the book.

      I would rather them decline and let someone who really wants it have the chance. :D

  8. I have declined a book before from a giveaway. I entered the giveaway because there were three books up for grabs. I happened to get picked for the only one that I had already read. So I had the blogger pick a new winner to give someone else the chance to love the book. (It also happened to be The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden, which is one of my faves) It seemed only fair.

    1. I declined once also. I won a book from one blog and the next day another blog said I won the same book. I told them to draw another winner. I saw no need to be greedy.

  9. I've learned that it's often times the most simple things that cause the most trouble. I have had so much trouble before just trying to schedule and post my blog posts due to formatting and other issues. And I've had problems with winners never responding or never knowing if winners got their prizes or not. Sounds like you had a real doozy of a time though, I feel for you.