Saturday, December 1, 2012

Review~ I Kissed a Dog by Carol Van Atta

Book Description:

Chloe Carpenter isn't like other women. She can communicate with animals. A gift she unwrapped following one of her frequent dances with death.

In her otherwise wacky life, she's finally found a semblance of sanity working at the Plum Beach Wildlife Park, where her unique talents can make life or death differences for the animals in her care. That semblance is shattered when a new veterinarian roars into the park in his spiffed up sports car and sets his golden gaze on her. If she had her way, he'd roar right back out.

Problem: He's her new coworker and he's saved her life twice - in the past twenty-four hours.

Zane Marshall, Enforcer for the Pacific Pack of purebred werewolves, has a job to do - figure out who or what is mutilating the young men of Plum Beach.

With orders to find the woman who talks to animals, he accepts a position working alongside the fiery Chloe Carpenter, a female who ignites his interest far more than he ever expected. Remarkably, she's the one elusive female with potential to bring meaning and passion to his empty existence.

Problem: She despises him.

Together, they're forced to unravel a mystery of supernatural proportions, a murderous mystery with eternal implications for everyone. In the process, they discover opposites really do attract.

Major Problem: Zane is pledged to another woman, and she'll do anything to keep him from Chloe.

My Thoughts:

I Loved it! I was wrapped up in this story from the moment I started reading it until I finished it moments ago. I could only walk away from it when I had no other choice.

Before I get into the reasons that I loved it, let me say that the name of the book, I Kissed a Dog, had my attention from the moment I heard it. I knew that I had to read it! Also what about the cover? Awesome isn't it.

Okay that said, shall I count the ways I love this story?

1. This was a paranormal romance with the main focus on werewolves although there were vampires and other creatures. Need I mention that this is my favorite type of book and werewolves are my favorite type of supernatural creatures?

 2. The characters. They were relateable which is always a plus in my book. Carol had every type of character from the mean spirited girls that we love to hate, to the creepy character that keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering if they are friend or foe. The main character Chloe, was easy to like and root on. I had a weakness for the Alpha males. Zane and his merry men had that protective, dominating thing going for them! ;-)

3. The plot. This book had all of my favorite things. There were supernatural beings, romance, suspense, action, and intrigue.

4. The writing. The words flowed together seamlessly. It was easy to understand and the chapters were nicely spaced, not too long or short.

5. The story. Chloe fights her attraction to Zane but circumstances demand that they spend more time together and a girl can only resist for so long. Everytime I thought I knew what was coming, a new twist would happen and I was left wondering again. It was awesome! There was a never ending supply of new circumstances and characters to decipher. It is impossible to get bored while reading this book. :D

I thought everything about this book was outstanding. I whole heartedly urge all paranormal romance readers to add this to your TBR list. Trust me, you don't want to miss this one!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed I Kissed a Dog! It warms my heart when readers like what I loved writing. I'm working away on book two, She Kissed a Vampire. But don't worry, there will still be werewolves galore. Big Howl!