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VBT~ Giveaway & Guestblog by Avery Flynn author of Passion Creek

Avery Flynn is Guest blogging for me today. :D

Read Romance, Be Subversive

By Avery Flynn

I have a new favorite quote:

“Romances are, in fact, subversive literature: They encourage women to be dissatisfied with inequality, and to set higher expectations for themselves, and they show them ways to achieve those expectations, largely by taming men and, in a way, usurping their power. Romances are arguably the only art form of any kind that portrays women as equal partners with men.” -David Pollard

Fight the patriarchy, indeed.

I believe in writing heroines who have agency. Agency is the capacity, condition, or state of acting or of exerting power and it's what every heroine needs to have. She is not just meekly letting the world have it's wicked way with her, the true romance heroine finds a way to control her destiny. Face it, the romance heroine is a badass.

They don’t just sit back and wait for the world to come to them, they go out and do what needs to be done. Let’s face it ladies, isn’t that what we find ourselves doing every day in the real world? Sure we may not be tracking down a buried treasure and going toe-to-toe with a Vegas loan shark like Josie Winarsky in my latest release Passion Creek, but we always find a way to get it done.

So who are some of your favorite badass romance heroines?

Title: Passion Creek

Layton Family Series Book 3

Author: Avery Flynn

Steamy romantic suspense

Evernight Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-77130-104-6


Number of pages: 164

Word Count: 52,886

Cover Artist: Sour Cherry Designs

Purchase Links: Amazon / smashwords
All Romance Ebooks   / Evernight Publishing  

Book Description:
Uptight history professor Sam Layton may have the abs of a movie action hero, but he stopped believing in the joy of adventure a long time ago. However, when a one-night stand with a tattooed bombshell leads to a treasure map for the long-buried Rebecca’s Bounty, the call to action is too strong to ignore.

All Las Vegas cocktail waitress Josie Winarsky wants to do is paint. But when she lands smack dab in the middle in a mob plot, she has to push aside her dreams to find a treasure in Dry Creek, Nebraska and save her family from harm. With Sam at her side and a Vegas loan shark on her tail, the treasure she finds turn out to be much more valuable than emeralds and rubies.

Here's an excerpt for you: 

Wind whipped at Josie's hair, its cold fingers digging underneath her collar despite her coat being zipped up to her neck.

McPherson's Bluff loomed above them looking like a huge, solid, snow-covered brick. It rose nearly a mile from the flat prairie that reached out in every direction from its base. Off to the left a gnarled path of sunken ravines snaked out toward the horizon. A wide path had been cut down the center of the monument and a modern road weaved its way up the pine tree speckled bluff. Josie couldn't help but admire its fierce, solitary and utterly unwelcoming beauty.


Sam chuckled. "Imagine seeing that from the front seat of a wagon after you've abandoned your old life to create a new one in a place you've never seen and with people you've never met. What kind of person would risk everything to travel through hostile territory for a slim chance at a better life?"

"You sound like you wish you were that kind of person."

"No." He slammed the car door shut and stormed over to her, stopping inches from the tips of her black boots. "I'm not that kind of person. I like order and I like certainty. I like standing in the back of the room away from the attention and the talk. I want steak on Friday nights and pancakes every Sunday morning. I like going to my office at the same time every day and having the same roast beef sandwich for lunch Monday through Friday."

He moved in close enough for her to feel the heat pulsing off of his flushed cheeks. Or maybe it was the heat moving up from her wet pussy that caused the breathless jittering in her stomach. Her entire being focused on him as her nipples hardened in anticipation of the electric flash that would explode inside her the moment they touched. She should say something, do something but the golden flecks in his hazel eyes held her mesmerized. Josie hung on the edge of a sheer cliff of need—not wanting to pull back, but unable to take that final step forward into the oblivion of passion.

"I have a boring life in a small town where nothing ever happens. My plans for the future involve putting fifteen percent of my salary into my 401K and publishing papers in dry history journals that no one reads. There is no room on my calendar for adventure or treasure hunting with a woman who stands out in the room like a shiny new penny."

His lips were only millimeters from hers, his breath pushing against her parted lips like a heated caress. Josie's body vibrated from toes to eyebrows. If he didn't touch her soon she would have to pounce on him.

"You probably don't even eat leftovers," he grumbled.


"Or drive the exact same route to work every day." He drew a gloved finger down the zipper of her leather coat, frustratingly close to her breasts but not touching them.

"Uh-uh." So much of her brain had evaporated she couldn't even form words any more.

"We're nothing alike." He grabbed her shoulders, squeezing the tender flesh. "I am content with my routine. I don't want to change anything about it. Do you understand me?"

Josie could only blink in response to his growled pronouncement as her heart raced and her body cried out for him.

Sam dropped his hands from her as if she'd burnt him and stepped back. "So why do you make me think that I'm missing out on something extraordinary?"

About the Author:   

Avery Flynn has three slightly-wild children, loves a

hockey-addicted husband and is desperately

hoping someone invents the coffee IV drip. Find out

more about Avery on her blog , follow her on

Twitter, like her on Facebook, or friend her

on Facebook, Also, if you figure out how to

send Oreos through the Internet, she’ll be your best

friend for life.

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