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Giveaway & Review ~ A Kiss For Emily (The Emily Stokes Series #1) by J.P. Galuska

Book Description:

YA suspense driven paranormal romance

Emily Stokes never thought that falling in love would put her smack dab in the middle of chaos, or have her questioning her sanity! But when strange occurrences turn unbelievable, it becomes a race to save Emily from none other than the good-guys.

From the Author:

The first book in The Emily Stokes Series is entitled A Kiss for Emily. It's about a 17-year-old gal who lives in the heart of Kansas who's life is about to come unglued. It's YA, totally suspense-driven, and takes paranormal to a new level! If I tell you any more about the book, I'll have to include a spoiler alert because I can honestly say the less you know going into the story, the more you'll enjoy it! With that being said, here is the most I dare say:

Emily Stokes never thought that falling in love would put her in the middle of chaos, or have her questioning her own sanity! But when strange occurrences turn unbelievable, it becomes a race against time to save Emily from none other...than the good-guys.

Title: A Kiss for Emily

The Emily Stokes Series, Book 1

Author: J. P. Galuska

Genre: Paranormal, Suspense, Young-Adult,

Publisher: Self

Format: Ebook/Paperback

Pages: 356

Purchase Links:

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About the Author:  

J P began writing her first novel back in 2009 after a work related injury took her out of the job market. Foreign to writing literature, her rough draft read more like torture than paranormal. Although the plot had been solid, not until she joined a local writer's group did the book really begin to blossom.

She currently enjoys a successful writing career and was recently featured as the April 2012 Author of the Month in the Paranormal Romance Guild.

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My thoughts:

I have mixed feelings about A Kiss For Emily. Let me explain.

The plot had intrigue, romance, typical and not so typical teen tendencies, and mystery. It also had me so angry at times that I could have thrown it. Then there were the moments that I was full of angst, worried about what was going on.

One of my biggest problems with the book is simply that in the beginning, Emily could not stop thinking about Alex then she does a complete 180 and won't even speak to him. He has a major problem and she doesn't even seem to care. These actions seem almost robotic. I don't know anyone that shuts down their feelings that quickly and completely.She is very immature about having to move and seems to behave childishly.  Also the way she was so instantly infatuated with Sam was very annoying.

I also had HUGE issues with her parents and what went on in the hospital! Enough said. No spoilers here. 

I found Sam to be extremely interesting. He was so knowledgeable! I just loved Kitty. She was so spunky and sweet.

I liked the story overall. I had too many emotional issues with it to say that I loved it.  I am sure that many people wouldn't even blink at the things that bothered me. As I said the issues are entirely mine. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this book to teens. 

I received a copy of this book from FMB in exchange for my honest opinion. I honestly thought it was fairly good and I will probably read the next book in the series.

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  1. I would love to read something by J.P. Galuska. Always happy to find new authors I haven't heard of. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

  2. Intriguing review. Makes me want to read it to see waht you mean.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

    1. I didn't want to give too much away and ruin the story. It really is worth taking a chance on. It was pretty good and I noticed many 4 and 5 star reviews on Goodreads. :D

  3. thanks for the giveaway


  4. awesome sounds great!!!

  5. Hi all, and thanks for commenting!
    Brenda - you seems to be ruled by the intellectual aspects of life and not by the heart. I can totally understand why this book would have you in a tizzy! LOL.

    Good luck to all who entered...

    1. Yes, I am(mostly) and yes it did( a little)! Thanks for stopping by. :D

  6. Looks interesting! I'm curious what all of the spoilers might be:) Thanks for the chance to win!