Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Interview with Indie Author C.K. Bryant

I'd like to welcome C. K. Bryant!

She is the talented author of Bound.

She is a very kind woman also. She was the second person to follow my blog and the first author to respond to my interview request. :D I have much love for her.

What do you hope people get out of reading Bound? First and foremost, I want the reader to be thoroughly entertained and feel like they are a part of the story. I want them to love the characters and feel invested in what happens to them. If they get more out of the story, so much the  better.

What part of writing do you find the most challenging? Keeping my butt glued to the chair. There are so many distractions in my life these days, it's hard to stay focused.

Do you have to concentrate and visualize the story or do ideas just randomly come to you when you're out and about? Both. There are times when I lay awake all night long because my overactive imagination won't shut down. But then when I'm stuck on something, and my muse goes on vacation, I feel like I'm prying the ideas out of my brain with a crowbar.

In what scenario do you do your best work? I like to write in complete silence. I don't even like to play music when I'm in the creative stage. I need to get into what I call my ZONE and I can't do that if I have outside influences.

What are you working on and when can we expect it to be out? I'm currently doing revisions on BROKEN, the sequel to BOUND. I hope to have it to my editor by the end of March and available for purchase by the beginning of May. *fingers crossed*

Now for some personal questions!

Who is your favorite author? Catherine Anderson. She writes great romance novels. I grew up reading her books and it's what got me interested in writing my own stories. It wasn't until I wrote my first romance, that I discovered I preferred working with younger characters. YA is now my genre of choice.

Hardback, paperback, or ebook? There's nothing like a signed hardback, but I do love my Kindle. If the book is really good, I'll buy both. I know, not very cost effective.

Do you have any hobbies? I love to read. I used to play the guitar, but don't have time for that anymore. I also like to do crafty things, like scrapbooking, sewing, etc.

What is your favorite splurge? Getting my hair and nails done. I love being pampered.

What is your favorite season? favorite holiday? I LOVE SPRING!! I love the smell of freshly turned soil and all the new flowers blooming all over. Holiday? Valentine's Day. I'm a romantic at heart. :-)

Breakfast, lunch,or dinner which meal is your favorite? I'd have to say lunch, but only because that's the meal I occasionally get to share with my friends.

Quiet or loud? Depends on my mood and what I'm doing at the time. Writing? Quite. Housework? Crank up the tunes. Driving? Even louder.

Fresh air or air conditioning? Fresh mountain air!!

How do you prefer to communicate ( in person, texting, email, or phone)? Depends. I love texting if I don't have a lot to say. Not a big "in person" or "phone" kind of gal. Yep, I'm a bit of a recluse.

If you suddenly had two free hours, how would you spend them? WRITING! Honestly, it is my passion. That being said, I'd love a vacation in the Bahamas. ;-)

How likely are you to suffer from road rage? Ha! Not answering this question. It might get me arrested. ;-)

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my Blog.

I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. :D
Thanks so much for the interview, Brenda.
You've been a great host.

For more information, you can find her on:  

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  1. LOVE being interviews by you, Brenda. You're such a great host. I'm off to tell my friends to come say hi. :)

  2. Yay for BROKEN! I hope the edits go smooth because I can hardly wait for it!

  3. What fun interview questions. I always love seeing bloggers who don't ask the same old things. And Christine, I can totally relate to the loud tunes when driving. My husband doesn't understand how I hate to have music too loud while writing (and can't stand to have the TV on at all) but will drive with the stereo at such ear-splitting volume that it makes him jump when he starts up the car after I've been in it. :)

  4. Great interview! Very unique questions! :) I'm the opposite - I like quiet in the car but I listen to music when I'm writing a first draft.

  5. Wow, wonderful interview! I have to admit I am not very cost effective either... if I love the book I HAVE to have it on my shelf for future reads! But I DO love my kindle :)

  6. Great interview, I love hearing about new authors that I don't know about. Thanks, Judy

  7. Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments!