Monday, February 25, 2013

Cover Reveal ~ Tied by Laney McMann

Today I have a treat for you courtesy of  J.Taylor Publishing.

You are going to get a first glimpse of TIED.

The first book in the Fire Born series by Laney McMann

The scheduled Release Date is September 9, 2013

The Target Reader is Young Adult. :D

Keywords: Fiction, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy


From the back of the Book

Normal people don't believe their nightmares stalk them. They don’t fall in love with boys who don’t exist, either.

Seventeen-year-old Layla Labelle, though, is far from normal. Her delusions walk the earth. Her hallucinations hunt her, and her skin heats to a burn every time her anger flares.

 Or is that all in her head?

Layla doesn't know what to believe any more because if none of that’s true, Max MacLarnon must be an illusion, and her heart must still be broken.

No matter how much she wants to believe Max is real, doing so would mean everything else is, too. How, then, is that possible?

The answers lie in an age-old legend the supernatural aren’t prepared to reveal, and with a curse that could tear Layla and Max apart forever—if it doesn’t kill them both first.

In TIED, book one in the Fire Born trilogy, learning the truth will mean fighting an arsenal of demons, and being with Max will put Layla on a path toward her own destruction.

Just how far will Layla go to protect the one she loves?

The answer may never be far enough ... away.

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Now without further delay, I give you the cover reveal!

What do you think about the cover or the blurb? 

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  1. +JMJ+

    The blurb seems a bit generic to me. I guess when you've read a lot of PNR synopses, they all end up sounding alike, even if they really are different! =P But I like the moody greys on the cover. The falling boy's pose seems a little unnatural to me, though. And the burst of orange--as wonderfully dramatic as it does--seems to be photoshopped in, since it doesn't light up the surrounding landscape. But these are minor quibbles, I guess! =)

  2. The blurb could be interesting but i think i would prefer an excerpt before deciding if i want to add this book or not on my list ( so long already)... perhaps also because this introduction has more drama than anything less... i do hope for a HEA but it doesn'(t seem likely or with big cliffhanger so i will wait to decide

    As for the cover... we could guess a face in the red/fire and it's intriguing but it's not the kind of cover that really catch my attention

    1. +JMJ+

      I agree that excerpts can really make a difference. It's often someone else who writes the synopsis in the back of the book, so it's not a reliable indicator of the author's style. And style can really make or break a book!

    2. we agree on that point as often ^^;;

  3. Thanks for sharing my cover and blurb today. ;)

  4. This sounds amazing. I so love reading the blurbs. And that cover...WOW! Got to love the gargoyle even though it seems out of place. This is definitely one that I'm intrigued about and will be adding to my TBR. Just love the imagery of the arcs of fire light and the body falling to the water below.

  5. I love the cover! It's so...primal and interesting, love it! And the blurb makes it sound like a really interesting book, can't wait for it to come out!