Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Review ~ Nightfall by TK Lawyer

 Tamara’s spicy scent, thrills, seduces, and weakens him like no other. She is his and he wants her. Unfortunately, she is done with men. Tamara has been burned too many times in the past, and she’s not looking for a relationship…ever. But when she finds a stray dog on her doorstep, she decides she wants a relationship with a male, after all—that of pet and pet owner.
Josh is not a dog, and he has no interest in staying her pet. He has one burning desire—Tamara—in his bed, nightly and permanently. He will stop at nothing to convince Tamara they are better together, and that he needs her, forever.

Their paths are intertwined and their future is inevitable, but will Tamara allow Josh to love, cherish, and protect her? Or will she say goodbye to the amazing, dedicated man, whose loyalty and sweet promises could shatter her walls completely, and consume her with desire?

Reader Advisory: This book contains intense, romantic loving, and moments of explosive cravings between an adorable, part sweet/part devilish half-wolf, and his delectable, feisty human mate.


 My Thoughts:

I easily got into this paranormal read. Tamara is feisty, stubborn, and down on men. She has had bad luck with the last string of men that she was involved with and because of that has given up on them.

It's a great thing for her that Josh is stubborn too! I LOVED him. I actually felt bad for him and all that he went through for her and because of her.

I enjoyed this book and if you like paranormal romance, I think you will as well.

There was romance, some steam, some drama and nonsense (mostly because of Tamara), humor, action and fun.

I received an ecopy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. oh quite tempting and he even accept to looks like a pet to approach her ( even if it's only a moment) so that's definitively my kind of hero^^
    new discovery for me


  2. This sounds amusing and you know I love a good paranormal romance so I'll add it to my list. :) Thanks hun!