Thursday, May 9, 2013

Review ~ Wolf's Haven by Ambrielle Kirk


Tamara would risk her life to gain freedom. She's finally built up the courage to escape from a world of abuse by the hands of man who promised her the world. One night she makes a break for it, but her plans backfire. She begins to believe that she was never meant to be happy. When all hope of freedom fades, she stumbles across a wolf that brings her to safety. She learns to trust the wolf, but has yet to trust the man.

Devin, potential future leader of the Caedmon Pack, returns to the foothills of his Virginia home after five long years as a lone wolf. Rivals within the circle challenge him and threaten to strip him of his true birthright. Being bound to lead the pack was not something Devin had planned for his life, but letting his people fall prey to turmoil under the rule of his cousin Darius is out of the question. The night of Devin’s rise to Alpha leader is approaching. Despite opposition, he’s gained an impressive following. That is until he brings a human among the pack.

Tamara can’t deny the attraction she feels toward Devin. The Alpha leader-to-be simply cannot resist Tamara’s lure. When they are together, their tribulations take the backburner. Their desire for one another grows as they consummate their passion in wolf’s haven. Will Devin forfeit the most coveted position within the Caedmon Pack to bond with his chosen mate? Can Tamara trust Devin with her mind, heart, body, and soul or will the memories of her abuse dissuade her from being bound to the wolf?

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As you know I reviewed the fourth book in this series the other day. I decided to read the rest of the books in the series too!

My Thoughts:

Tamara was stuck in a no win situation and needed to get away from her abusive fiance. He made her break into a museum with him and his band of friends. She decided to call the cops and get away but she almost got caught. 

When she jumped out of a window she got hurt and landed near a wolf. The wolf got her away from the cops. 

When she woke up she was in a nice comfy bed and wearing a man's shirt. She is shocked when she sees Devin come in the door.

Devin's been living as a lone wolf for the last five years. He is shocked when he sees a woman jumping from the third floor window. He feels a strange urge to help and protect her even though she is human. He takes her to a cabin and figures she can heal while there.

They form an easy camaraderie. It starts as a friendship and slowly but surely they begin to feel more for each other. This book has some steamy scenes that are only appropriate for adults. ;-)

Devin Caedmon has to go home to the village and contest his cousin's bid to become the alpha. The village wants him Devin to take over the job of alpha but he doesn't feel worthy. When Darius starts talking smack on Tamara, Devin challenges him and teaches him a well earned lesson.

This was a great book for only 99 cents! I hope to read the next book soon.

This book had some action and romance with some steamy scenes too! ;-) 

I would recommend this book and series to adults who like steamy werewolf books.

If you were a werewolf what color would your wolf be?

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  1. i always imagined i would be a white one idon't know why it's just seemed natural to me

    1. it sad these books exist only kindle so far because each of your review made me more and more interested

    2. I'll let you know if they become available in paperback. Maybe at the end of the series there will be a paperback containing them all. :D

    3. that would be so good i didn't think about this possibility but now it's something i look forward^^

      and by teh way... I HAVE REACHED 100!!! for the first time ( and probably not long^^) i did it!! YESSSSSSSSSSS

    4. Woot! Woot!I knew you'd do it!

    5. I was on her website and this was on her FAQ page- Will your work go to Print? -Yes and Maybe. I'm looking at some titles both current and WIPs that will eventually go to Print. They will more than likely be novel length or a series of novellas combined into a print edition.
      So hopefully soon!

  2. um.. BLUE! :p I'd also like to go with white. I think they are so pretty! But the grey ones are too! I love wolves so im not picky! :) Def. have to grab this series! Thanks for the tip on the sale. :)

  3. With my dark hair I would probably be a very dark brown or black wolf.