Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Releases that are coming soon!

July 5th brings  

A Witch in Love (Winter Trilogy, #2)

Here's the blurb from Goodreads:

Anna still finds it hard to believe that Seth loves her and has vowed to suppress her powers, no matter what.

But magic – like love – is uncontrollable. It spills out with terrible consequences, and soon, Anna is being hunted.

On July 7th:

The Highgate Vampire

From Goodreads:

Kathy is an innocent, an outsider who longs to belong somewhere. Anywhere. Dreams of her half-sister Amber and of the centuries old Highgate Vampire are taking her to places she doesn't want to go. Kathy can't stop the sequence of events. If her nightmares and reality collide, the Highgate Vampire will come to take her soul...

On July 8th:

Dead of Night

From Goodreads:

True love . . . and an undying obsession

Catlyn Youngblood has a secret life. Despite being a natural-born vampire hunter like her two older brothers, Cat has fallen for Jesse--an ageless boy from a centuries-old vampire clan.

Cat's job cataloguing rare, mystical texts at a bookstore allows her to meet with Jesse alone every evening. But when girls who look disturbingly similar to Cat start disappearing from town, Cat and Jesse discover frightening clues to their whereabouts within the book collection. Together, they must stop a crazed man from realizing his dark scheme-- one that would claim Cat's life.

dead of night is the second book in the Youngbloods series. After Midnight is the first book. I haven't read either of them yet but the cover of dead of night caught my eye so now I have two more books on my never ending Wishlist.

The Highgate Vampire seems intriguing and I am looking forward to reading it.

A Witch in Love is the second book in the Winter trilogy.  A Witch in Winter is the first book which I have sitting on my TBR shelf still waiting to be read. :(  I love the cover for both books, especially A Witch in Love.

These books sound good to me.  Which books are you waiting for?

I'd love to know what you're thinking. Please leave a comment!

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