Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Red by Jacqueline Noir

The first time those haunting gray eyes pinned her, they’d stared at her from the face of a creature that was supposed to only be a legend. A cliché. 

When Sadie VonRouge moves to Casterton, Oregon to live with her aunt, she expected a sleepy little town; the perfect backdrop for her to start piecing back together her life. She wants nothing more than a normal start to her freshman year of college.

Normal is the last thing she’s going to get. 

The night she was attacked, it’d been a wolf that chased her down. A wolf that tackled her to the ground. A wolf that began sniffing her. Then she’d opened her eyes, and she’d come face-to-face with him. 

But she was delusional. She knew this. There’d been no man.

At least, that’s what she tells herself over and over, even while fighting back the memory of how sinfully gorgeous the man had been, or how viciously he’d growled out that one word:


Sadie doesn’t know what is happening to her, or why she’s beginning to exhibit odd symptoms after the attack. All she knows is that her world has been drastically changed. She has no idea how much, or how serious that man’s claim was. Not until he comes back into her life, demanding the one thing that he owns above anything else.


Thrust into a new world, Sadie is going to be forced to deal with a reality she never expected.

And a dominating, scary, dangerous male that might just not give her any choice but to accept her new life . . . and the fact that he comes along with it.

“You belong to me. I own you. Forever.”

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A figure starts to form—gray eyes, straight nose, dark hair, and succulent lips that any woman would kill for.

Oh, God. It’s him.


“Hello, my sweet Red.” His hand inches up my leg; feather soft caresses that run from my ankle, up to the inside of my thigh.

My core quivers.

I start to panic. I try fighting the prescription induced lethargy keeping me immobile, but my body won’t cooperate. I can’t move quickly enough. My body feels heavy.

What’s happening? Am I dreaming?

Help. Someone. Anyone.

Why am I dreaming about this man again?

My lips feel numb as I try to scream out.

He seems to sense my dismay and begins whispering to me in a soothingly hypnotic tone. “Shhhh, sweet Sadie. I will make you better. Have you started to notice the changes with your body? Does your skin tingle? How about your breathing?”

The panic sky rockets inside me. He’s describing everything. But how? Every symptom I’ve been experiencing and hiding he rattles off like from a list.

His hand is warmer than the water against my flesh. The tips of his fingers are rough and calloused. I try to fight it, but even as my heart thumbs weakly with fear, I realize that my skin is tingling. Each inch of flesh he touches seems to ignite.

Heat rolls through me in waves. The panic begins to be dragged into the current. My body replaces the anxiety with something much stronger. The new feelings drown out everything, leaving me weaker. I can’t do anything but stare into his grey eyes, panting.


About the Author
Jacqueline Noir lives in Phoenix, AZ with her loving husband, three pups, and her 'small human'.

She loves everything paranormal from the movies, television, books, and adventures to haunted places. When she isn't dreaming of werewolves, witches, and all things that go bump in the night, she is busy creating hot and romantic stories that bring to life all these creatures in their most alpha form.

Her stories feature kick-butt female leads, hot dominate alphas and a whole lot of wicked trouble. Her love for books has taken from being an avid reader, to a book blogger and now an author.

Her debut novella, Red, is the first in the paranormal erotic VonRouge series.

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  1. from the cover it would not have been on my list but after teh blurb it's definitively on it^^ so many shifters title today i'm in paradise

  2. Liked the blurb so much I bought the book.

  3. Great blurb and excerpt! Definitely want to read more.