Saturday, August 1, 2015

Reflections and Introspections

Thank you for the time spent talking and visiting with me. These last few years have been a whirlwind. At times this blog and those of you that have been constant companions, have been a Godsend. You have kept me sane and been my rock.

When my Dad died in October of 2011, I started reading more than ever. In December of that same year, I started this blog. At first I new absolutely nothing and it was a real learning experience. I have tried many different things to keep it fresh and different. Recently, I have lost my motivation. Everything I tried seems to have failed and except for a few of you (which I can count on one hand, and you know who you are), I can't seem to motivate visitors to talk. Lately, I haven't been very good with communicating with you guys either. It is nothing personal. It is just me and being at camp and not having a great connection.

Lately, I have been burnt out. I know that I caused this situation by accepting too many review requests. In order to remedy it, I have decided to slow down and step back. It has gotten to the point that I very seldom enjoy reading lately and though I usually enjoy the book, it takes every single molecule in my body to make me read them. This is not normal for me. I want to like reading again. I hope that doing this will help.

I truly appreciate your friendship, companionship, support, and understanding.

I have a few more posts (five) and then I am officially done. I will still post from time to time and possibly even get my mojo back but for right now, I can't wait to be finished.

I will still be posting some reviews on Goodreads. I am not deleting my blog in the hopes that I can bounce back and be interested again. In the meantime, I still owe some CIG prizes and you will get them in September if not sooner. The CIG giveaway is officially finished.

I will not say goodbye as I am not done yet. I will say until we talk again.

 Thank you!

I will miss you!


  1. Oh Brenda i'm so sorry not being able to help you more! Please never forget that i'm still here! You can send me email whenever you wishes ( i don't know if you received my precedent ones ) and i hope you will get your enthousiam back but i do nderstand the need to step down because no matter what reading should stay a pleasure so i hope that will be the case for you again

    thank you a lot for all the discovery you helped me make

    and please even if you onloy post sporadically here ... don't disappear and send a littel message from time to time as well because you have become a dear friend and i don't want to loose you


  2. Oh hun... I completely understand where your coming from. I will miss you completely so I hope that you'll still send emails just to keep me updated and hopefully you can get back into blogging soon.
    I know I haven't been as constant as I normally am and I am so sorry for that. Its nothing you've done just life at my house has been sucky. But I still love you.
    I understand on the review front too. Most of the ones I read for review I enjoy but I have such a hard time actually wanting to start reading them. I'm stuck sometimes( ok honestly most of the time) reading the book I have due for review the night before Im supposed to have it posted. So I can understand you wanting to step back and just take time for yourself.
    Just know that I love you and your still someone I consider a great friend and love sharing books and things with! Keep in touch!