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Giveaway & Review ~ That Man Series by Nelle Lamour

Series: That Man Trilogy


That Man 1, That Man 2, That Man 3

Author: Nelle L'Amour

Genre: Erotic Romance

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There’s a new beautiful player in town…

Blake Burns, the sexy head of SIN-TV, who goes through women like some go through water. Until he meets Jennifer McCoy, his outspoken new assistant and development executive.

Newly engaged Jennifer has no idea that her devastating new boss is the man she kissed, blindfolded, in a game of Truth or Dare. That kiss, that man, that beautiful stranger she cannot forget.

Blake hasn’t been able to stop thinking about that kiss either…and he’ll do anything to win Jennifer —even if it means being a beautiful bastard and breaking all the rules.


“Mr. Burns?” A sweet voice at my doorway diverted my attention, and I looked up from the screen. In tandem, my eyes blinked, my body jerked, and my cock flexed. Subtly for her not to notice.

Though her neat auburn bun, prim tweed suit, and tortoiseshell glasses made her look like some bookworm who should be working at a corporate law office, I swear I’d recognize that face anywhere—with its dewy-skin complexion, delicate bone structure, and those expressive, turned-up lips. Someone pinch me. I must be dreaming. But there she was. That girl I’d kissed last night. In fact, her lips were still swollen. Holy fucking shit!

“Hi, I’m Jennifer McCoy.”

It took several long moments for my brain to communicate with my mouth. I cleared my throat and licked my lips. “Please come in and take a seat.”

Unlike last night when she was blindfolded and took short hesitant steps, she strode into my office with a strong confident gait and lowered herself onto one of the two armchairs facing me. She placed her shoulder bag and briefcase on the floor and crossed her shapely, long legs. I had the burning urge to uncross them.

“So, Ms. McCoy—”

“You can call me Jennifer.”

Okay, let’s start over. “So, Jen-ni-fer, you come highly recommended by my boss, Saul Bernstein.” God, I loved saying her name. It sucked the air out of my lungs.

She flashed a small smile. Two little dimples winked at her kissable lips. My cock twitched and I continued.

“However, I’m not sure why someone with a passion for children’s television would want to work for a porn channel.”

Without flinching, she held my gaze steady. “Adults are no different than children. They need to be entertained. ”

That was a fact. And that’s why we referred to our network and programming as “adult entertainment.” I wasn’t done testing her. Or studying her—especially her eyes. Her blindfold had hidden them from me last night, and after she’d disappeared, I kept imagining what they looked like. I thought they might be brown or blue and deep-set. But they were wide-set and green—the greenest eyes I’d ever seen on a human being. When she blinked, it was if they were two leaves fluttering in the wind. I caught my breath.

“Well, it’s one thing to tell a producer of a cartoon that he—”

“Or she,” she interrupted.

“Or she needs to make the shaggy dog bark louder, but it’s another to tell the producer of a porn flick that his female star who’s being shagged needs to scream louder.”

“Not a problem,” she said flatly.

“Well, then, let’s pretend I’m the producer, and I’m not quite sure what you want. Can you please demonstrate?”

“Sure.” She cleared her throat and then took off her glasses, setting them on my desk. Fuck. Her eyes were beautiful.

My gaze stayed fixed on them as she flung her head back, and a look of torturous pleasure washed over her face. It was identical to the expression on her face last night as I held her head back and fucked her mouth with my tongue. She squeezed her eyes shut.

“Oh, baby, yes! Make me come! Oh God! Oh, yes, Yes, YES!” Each breathy “yes” was louder than the one before, the last one a roar so loud I thought the whole office would hear her. Holy shit. This girl was a fucking tiger. Beneath my desk, my cock was applauding. Was this how Ms. McCoy, M.A., came, or was she just a great actress? If the latter, this girl should be starring in porn flicks not giving script notes.

“Was that loud and clear enough?” she asked matter-of-factly, staring me in the face. A slight blush colored her cheeks.

I felt heated. Flushed and flustered. And I could feel my cock uncomfortably strain against my fly. Fuck this girl. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to work with her, but I had no choice.

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The romantic tension between Blake Burns and Jennifer McCoy heats up in this highly anticipated sequel to THAT MAN 1.

Still engaged to her college boyfriend, Jennifer finds herself more and more attracted to her sexy as sin boss yet has no clue he’s that man she kissed blindfolded in a game of Truth or Dare. Unable to suppress her feelings, she wonders: is fantasizing about your boss a form of cheating?

Meanwhile, Blake, a player who’s never had a relationship, has no clue how to get to first base with Jennifer. Determined to prove that her fiancé, Bradley Wick, DDS, is a dweeb and definitely the wrong man for her, he puts Operation Dickwick into full force. No holds barred.

An unforgettable weekend in Vegas and an unexpected discovery change the game for both of them—for better and for worse.

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The steamy and suspenseful conclusion to the bestselling THAT MAN trilogy!

Let’s cut to the chase. A sweet little Midwestern girl with a dimpled smile had shown me there was a connection between my cock and my heart. She was in my bloodstream bringing them together. Making me feel emotions and sensations I’d never felt with anyone.
The Kiss had changed everything. This painting had turned my heart upside down and torn me apart. I could no longer deny my feelings. I missed him for only one reason. I was in love.
Blake and Jennifer finally succumb to their passion and are unable to get enough of one another. A shocking discovery, however, threatens to pull them apart. And danger looms.

Will the two of them survive an outside force that promises to bring their love to a cruel and tragic end ?

About The Author

Nelle L’Amour is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who lives in Los Angeles with her Prince Charming-ish husband, twin teenage princesses, and a bevy of royal pain-in-the-butt pets. A former executive in the entertainment and toy industries with a prestigious Humanitus Award to her credit, she gave up playing with Barbies a long time ago but still enjoys playing with toys with her husband. While she writes in her PJs, she loves to get dressed up and pretend she’s Hollywood royalty.

Her books include the highly rated Seduced by the Park Avenue Billionaire Boxed Set, Undying Love, Gloria’s Secret, Gloria’s Revenge and the That Man trilogy. Gloria’s Forever, a novella, will be published in Spring 2014.

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My Thoughts:

Awesome adult reading! If you have a WTRAFSG list you need to add these. ;-) They were all fairly quick reads. ;-)

In the first book, we are introduced to the characters. It begins at a club where Jennifer is celebrating her engagement without her fiance or a ring. Her friends dare her to kiss a stranger and she accepts the dare. They blindfold her first. 

Blake is minding his own business, having a drink when a blindfolded woman grabs his head and starts kissing him. Let me just say the kiss was WOW!

Jennifer has never experienced a kiss like that and can't get it out of her head. She also can't get That Man out of her head. She really wishes that she could have seen his face.

Blake has just decided that he needs to find out the identity of the sexy woman who kissed him the night before when fate shines down on him. He is meeting a woman that his father wants to hire and guess who she is? That's right it's Jennifer!

She immediately notices how hot he is but also how arrogant. She assumes that he is trouble and is correct.

They get to know each other in the first book. He finds out that she is engaged and decides to get rid of the competition.

In the second book, Blake stumbles on Bradley doing something untoward and lets Jennifer know about it in a round about way.

She gets to work on her project for SIN TV. She is approaching authors of books like Fifty Shades, etc... and having them made into novellas to get the ratings up in the afternoon. I found a few new books to read from her suggestions. ;-)

The chemistry that the two of them keep dancing around gets stronger and stronger. 

Something bad happens which brings back bad thoughts from Jennifer's past.

In the third book, the two of them finally give in to their desire! It is scorching hot! There are lots of ups and downs in this one but it ends on a happy note.

This series was full of hot and sexy, down and dirty scenes, naughty books, provocative tv shows, a man who always gets what he wants, a woman who makes him work for it, a wonderful family including a sassy Yiddish speaking Grandma (I loved her! ;-) ), danger, deception, super sweet sentiments, Sponge Bob Square Pants, and much, much more!

I recommend these books to all of you who like your romance super hot and erotic. Think MUST READ!

I received all three books in exchange for my honest opinion. They were scorchingly seductive, humorous, sweetly romantic, dramatic, and adrenaline spiking. Fan-Freaking-Tastic! 

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  1. oh i do love the fact that it sound like she broke with her fiancé before succumbing... a kiss isn't really cheating in this situation so it makes this book perfect ( though perhaps too steamy for my taste)

  2. These sound like fun! I will definitely be grabbing them. :) I always find it fun when authors mention other books in theirs. It always makes me want to go and see what they're about.

  3. What a hot series! I enjoyed the excerpt and loved Jennifer's determination to get the job. The sassy Yiddish speaking Grandma sounds like an interesting character too.

  4. I love Blake Burns!!! He is so hot! This is one of my favorite AFSG book!! Please,please write That Man 4 and 5!!! I just can't get enough of Blake and Jen!!!