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Review ~ Blind Date With a Bear by Marie Mason, giveaway too

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Book Description:

When Quinn Blackwood thought it was time to go hunting for his mate, he couldn’t believe fate handed her to him on his very first blind date. His family thought it was an hilarious turn of events since the big bear shifter had been looking forward to sowing a few more wild oats before settling down with his one true mate. No one was laughing when Paige got the wrong idea and believed Quinn was just looking for a good time.

Paige Matthews had finally given into the cajoling of her co-worker and agreed to a blind date with the woman’s brother. Paige admired the family of bear shifters and had nursed a secret crush on the oldest Blackwood brother, Quinn, since moving to town. Even though she’d known the odds were against it, she was terribly disappointed that she wasn’t his true mate. She did however, decide to take him up on his offer of a good time, cause this good-girl craved the bear’s sweet loving.
Blind Date With a Bear 

Marie Mason 

Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance


Number of pages: 147
Word Count:  53,500 

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“You’re very big.”

Oh, baby, he thought, you don’t know the half of it. Her voice was soft and sultry, something you would hear over the phone if you called a sex line. His cock stood at attention. Again. If she kept looking at him like that, she’d soon have a pretty good idea of his size. Her tongue came out to lick her lips and he thought he just might shoot his load in his pants.

“I, um, Deb, didn’t say how tall you were.”

His eyes took on a heavy-lidded look. He needed to hide the effect her voice was having on him. His pupils had no doubt dilated and the golden color of his bear was shining through the natural brown color of his eyes. A bear clawing at the surface, ready to spring into action, ready to mount this woman.

Cherish her.

He felt an unfamiliar stirring inside that had absolutely nothing to do with sex. Did you fall in love with your mate the instant you met her?

“And she didn’t say how small you were.” He grabbed his bear by the throat and yank him back. He had a suspicion she wouldn’t appreciate being slung over his shoulder and carried out of the restaurant for a night of hard, rough loving.

Instead, he needed to get to know her, show her how civilized a bear shifter could be. Then take her home for a night of hard, rough loving. The bear liked that idea. A lot.

She snorted before a smile lit up her whole face and both man and bear basked in the warmth of her expression. Before, Quinn had considered her pretty, now he could honestly say she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

“I’m far from small.”

“Everyone is small compared to me.” He held out his hand to help her from the stool and her delicate hand was lost in his. His mother had once measured his hands with her dinner plates. His finger-span had easily covered the white china and everyone had laughed. Bear shifters were supposed to be big.

“Maybe that’s why Deb thought we would be good together.” Her voice held a hint of emotion he couldn’t decipher.

“Deb knows I appreciate a beautiful woman.” He raised her chin with a finger, making sure she was looking at him before he continued. “Look, I’m a big man. You’re a curvy woman. I think that makes for a perfect combination.”

“You sure don’t pull your punches, do you?”

“Why, because I called you a curvy woman?” If she said one thing about her size, he’d take her over his knee.

“No, because you claim you’re a big man.” Her gaze fell to the bulge in his pants, the bulge she’d put there. Heat blasted him and his heart did a somersault at the spirit behind another sweet smile.

“I always tell the truth, baby,” he grinned. Now that he had her talking, she was turning out to be a little sassy. He liked that. He realized he liked a lot of things about her. He was hard pressed to pick his favorite. The full, pouty pink lips he’d love to see wrapped about his cock or the dark green eyes he wanted burning with passion as he pounded deep inside her. The sultry voice he’d soon have screaming his name as he licked her slit, making her cream all over his tongue.

Okay. He wanted this woman. Any other time he’d be cursing the fact that his big sister had found his mate on the first try and he’d never see the end of her smugness. Now, he wondered what he needed to buy her as a thank-you gift. And how to convince Paige to come home with him tonight so he could show her just how big bear shifters could really get.

Just then, her stomach growled, making him frown. Provide. Protect. The two instinctual mandates all male shifters felt for their mates. He needed to feed her. “Let’s get you fed and then we’ll discuss the particulars.”

Like will I be fucking you at your place or mine?

About the Author: 

Marie Mason loves romance. Writing, reading –it just depends on the time of day which she loves to do most. Having had a mydrid of unsatisfying jobs, and the gnawing, aching need to be a writer, Marie jumped head first into the world romance, without a safety net nor the ability to swim. She still works as a semi-unsatisfying and is just waiting for the day when her husband turns to her and says “Honey, when are you going to quit your job and write full time.” 


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My Thoughts:

This book was first for me from this author. I don't think it will be the last. I actually went to look at her other books but I didn't buy them. You see one of them was only 38 pages but it was $1.99 and another was 56 pages and $2.99. You know me, if they had been 99 cents or free, I'd have bought them and read them already.

I liked her characters. Especially the big bumbling bear named Quinn. He was so personable, growly, and typically male (lacking the ability to communicate clearly). Paige on the other hand,  was nice but her constant doubts got on my nerves just a tad. Not that I blame her for having doubts, I probably would have too!

As the title states, these two meet when they are set up on a blind date. There is an instant attraction and great chemistry between these two but a lack of proper communication, misunderstandings, and doubts cause complications between the two. Add in trouble from some other shifters, and you have a story that will keep you entertained and turning pages!

There was a decent amount of hot and heavy, some romance, mystery, danger, and action. Oh and did I mention there were shifters? I LOVE shifters!

If you like shifters, you should give Blind Date With a Bear a perusal. I really liked it and I bet you would too!

I will be keeping my eye out for the next Blackwood Brothers book.

I received an ecopy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. I thought it was a beary good story with lots of heat, action and a little drama too. ;-)

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  1. Bear shifter are becoming more and more common it seems^^. I don't know about this oen though... misunderstanding etc i guess i want a change and the fact i need to wait work in my favour ( perhaps all her story will be available in print together in teh futur( i mean with so little page it's a possibility^^)
    on the maybe list

  2. Thanks for having me today, Brenda. I'm glad you enjoyed Blind Date With a Bear. The second Blackwood Brothers Book is Bear and Bear Alike which should be out the last of April.

    Here's an unedited snippit:

    Half way across the wide expanse, he felt rather than heard Ryker move forward.

    As he drew closer, the scent, the slightly spicy smell grew stronger. He and Ryker had framed out the entire floor of the building themselves, working late into the night for weeks after all their other duties were complete. Their brother had delayed finishing the floor, and the twins were grateful. They didn’t want the smell overwhelmed until absolutely necessary.

    And neither wanted another male scenting their mate.

    Their mate. Note mates. Singular.

    How the hell was he going to share his mate with his brother?
    t wasn’t unheard of in the shifter world for two males to share a true mate. Add in the fact that they were bear sthifters—and twins—and the odds had been pretty damn good they would wind up sharing a mate.

    1. I already knew I wanted to read it. Now I can't wait! Thanks!

    2. ooo that one sounds good too! I cant wait to read this series! :)

  3. I've never read a book with bear shifters before so this is really cool! And the excerpt was fun too. Was a little confused by the blurb saying she was disappointed that he wasn't her true mate? Did I read wrongly. Lol. But thanks for sharing this. Is sounds like such a fun read!

    1. You didn't read it wrong. LOL! There were quite a few miscommunications!

  4. You had me at shifter.. LOL It sounds really fun and steamy. I'll definitely add this to my to get list! :D

  5. Replies
    1. only the ebook are open to international ( but the incentive ghiveaway is open to international^^)